Thursday, November 13, 2008


I appreciate Jeff from SMC following up to our recent Vendor meeting.

Jeff was unable to make the meeting and wanted to make sure that everything went well. It did. We had some open feedback. I think Jason (SMC rep) has made the blog before. Sure he is young (Early 20's) but is great. Excellent followup, quick responses. Open and honest. Always looking for more ways we can work together. What more can I ask for.

Back to Jeff. Jeff tells me he is expecting his first child (Lets face it, his wife is going to do most of the work! (Side note, who was the genius who thought that the man wanted to be in the delivery room, versus watching the game?) Jeff was wanting to know my advice. (I think he was kidding, but I am giving it anyway)

1. Go to sleep right now. It will soon be a thing of the past.
2. Get the book "What to expect when your expecting" Jenifer has worn ours out!
3. Don't focus on buying the new stuff. Clothes, sleepers, bedding, towels and blankets. All that will happen is they will spit up all over it anyway and half wont fit when the season comes around.
4. Get a bouncy chair. I think our youngest grew up in it (Just kidding, only when Jenifer wasn't home)
5. Don't forget to take care of your wife!
6. Remember what you do now. After your child is born, you wont be able to remember.
7. Look at your walls, car, favorite electronics and carpet. It will never be the same
8. Find your special thing to do with the kid. It is some of the most memorable time ever. (Music is the thing I bring to my boys)
9. The box will be the favorite toy. Every time...
10. Don't be scared, our parents didn't know what they were doing!
11. Go to sleep now!

Clearly I would not take any of my advice as factual or even helpful. Jenifer would be the best reference I have.

Congratuatulations Jeff. Your world is changing and I would not give it up for anything!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why do Iron's work better in Hotel Rooms?

Made my first trip to LA today. So far it hasn't disappointed. Sitting outside the Starbucks visiting with peer group members today and saw the $200k Bentley pull up. Flying over we saw those houses on MTV that have the Tennis court, pool and enough square feet to cover a couple city blocks. I am looking forward to doing a few tourist activities this week. I will keep you updated.

Speaking of Bentley's (SP), why do the Irons work better in the Motel room? The creases are crisper, they work faster and seem hotter without scorching the material. I have tried iron board covers and different irons. (Granted both from Wall mart)

I have seen the Orek (SP) Iron at a local store. Would it do better. I am sure it is 5 times price of the Wall mart version. However like the Bentley, people are willing to pay for quality and results. (Yet not Bentley in my future)

This is important to remember in sales. Do not prequalify. An Iron seems like a simple tool. They all do similar features. Just like the solutions that we provide every day. However, if you can differentiate quality, price may not be a factor!

Another customer experience (Not so good)

This time This is where I order my digital prints. (Well ok just get them printed). Usually it works well. However this time it took several weeks with no update on the website. So I send an email asking where they might be. (Should take 5 days, has taken 3 weeks). I get a response saying they need to research the issue (With the wrong name on the email) Nothing in 5 days. So I call. They system is down. Nothing they can do. I have to call back later. I completed their survey. Admittedly I feel kinda bad ranking the agent that helped me only neutral. It really isn't their fault.

I did go ahead and fill out a complaint on their website. I am curious what response I get. I am frustrated to spend almost $50 and zero customer response.

Just doing my part to tell 10 other people. It does go to show that you can have 5 positive interactions and one destroys it all. However Wallgreens has had three times to resolve the issue.

1. If an order does nothing for 2 weeks, wouldn't you follow up on it?
2. Email. No response?
3. Phone call. Cant help you, system down. (Call me when it is up, don't make me call back, send me an email?)

This is an example of why it is important to respond the first time. Customer service is about followup, details and continued performance.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going to Hollywood!

I know your thinking it is about time I make the big screen. Well, not this time. I am off Wed to Burbank CA for a HTG3 meeting. Like usual I am not look forward to leaving my family through Sunday evening. Then turning around for a meeting in KC on Monday. Yet I am excited to see Hollywood, the surrounding areas, the HTG folks and more. So I am torn. I am really looking for the energy that I get out of these meetings. They motivate me, make me focus and really prepare me for the future. I really feel like I need this right now.

I believe that everyone needs to get away from the grind, find a new focus and work. How do you get this done?

Monday, November 10, 2008

And there it came

Jenifer spent 20 minutes reading to Caden's Kindergarten's class. She took Carsen and the three of them sat in front of the class.

During the reading of the book, Carsen leaned over to his brother (On the other side of Jenifer) and said "Caden....Fart Smeller"

Sometimes it is the little things that makes it all worth while!

Caden and Jenifer had a good laugh, the rest of the class did not hear...Fortunately!