Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Found a reason for the webguide

Webguide (Plug in for Media Center that works like slingbox"

Jenifer's dad forgot to record one of his favorite shows. I had it recorded so I showed him how to log into my Webguide. He watched the entire show without a glitch over the internet. It was easy and worked really well.

Sorry for the quick entry. Big training today. However it is the first entry Rich has (I believe) on the blog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What is it you need to bring to the market?

I was thinking, what is it that a manager needs to bring to business today? Really new products are only a short success. That is inventing something new. Sure, it can be done. It happens every day. Yet this takes some real creative people or think tanks that spend millions of dollars.

Even if you do come up with a new product or solution, with the Internet new does not last long. Pretty soon the competition grabs the idea, changes it a bit and now it is no longer unique

What I believe is important in this age is the ability to take all of the products and create a unique solution. That is by packaging, adding unique value and presenting it in a way that your client can understand.

In the day of Internet price cannot be beat. Selection cannot be beat. However the human factor cannot be overcome.