Saturday, November 22, 2008

I had a comment about the Iron

It was why don't I take it from the Motel?

Simple that would be stealing. This raises the rates of motel rooms, causing people to travel less, less vacations and adventually leading to a depression.

The current depression was from Jamie Maska-Bowers stealing towels in the mid 90's

(Source: Obama 2008)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stepping Up (No I am not dancing like Mike)

One of my goals this week was stepping up the pace. Not just mine but everyone around me. I really feel like today that happened. It has been awhile since I have had this feeling. I really had confirmation of this when someone told me today that they were going to have to put some things off, or it would have to wait. I am sure they didn't like my answer when I said it was time to dig in and get it done. Find a way! OK Sure it wasn't as well said. I did however state an analogy.

The Cymphonix appliance that utilized bandwidth? That is what we have to do with our personal bandwidth. Making sure the most important gets the most bandwidth and other needs fill in when available. Sure, only us IT geeks will get it. But it is a real good example for me. Prioritize, make the most of our time and no excuses.

I truly believe that most of us can increase our output significantly by focusing on tasks, avoiding the time sucks and flat out getting it done.

Some may be having to learn a new way this week. It can be fun!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Power to adapt

In the last couple of years I have had the unique opportunity to travel from Jamaica to Banff Canada. From NY to CA. Hot to cold, dry to wet from heavily populated to to sparse.

After seeing So CAL last week I wonder why anyone would live anywhere else (Except from the cost of living). Great temperatures, not a cloud to be seen in 5 days. Then I realized the ability for the human race to adapt. In contrast to SO CAL, Duluth MN. 8 weeks of summer, tundra the rest of the time. (OK I am exaggerating) However cold, windy, lake effect snow and more. Point being, people adapt. Can learn to accept almost anything.

That can be the problem also. As sales people we can get used to work load, performance and customer service levels. It is the most effective people that can continue improving. Not just getting stuck with the status quo.

Challenge yourself, don't get comfortable. If your not growing you are shrinking. Focus on continuous improvement. Find someone to keep you challenged. It is painful, lots of work still the rewards are amazing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The experience

As usual I feel completely worn out after 2 days of HTG3. Working on life plans, new ideas in the industry and identifying struggles that will be coming. While I am worn out, in some way it is also recharging. I look forward to getting back and ratcheting it up a couple of notches.

I did have a chance to sight see. Rodeo Drive, Hollywood sign, Santa Monica pier, Universal Studios and more. Once in a life time opportunity to see these things. And yes, saw a man in a wedding dress, people dressed up as batman, Captain Jack Black and lots of other “Unique” individuals. However there weren’t as many odd things as I expected.
I would come back, 80’s for the weather, nice people, not quite as expensive as I had anticipated what else could you want.

Now for the new strange fashion. I am starting to wander if this is a sales blog or a fashion blog. Clearly a poor example of the last. Women wearing shorts and winter boots. You know the kind that you would wear in a snow storm. This looks strange to me and HOT. Oh well to each their own. I am sure I will see this in Kansas soon.