Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Had the chance to do right and didn't

I been meaning to put this into words for a couple of weeks now and finally here it is. When we were in Vegas we went to McDonald's for a quick drink. In front of me was a homeless person wanting to get a drink. He was refused service "We don't serve your kind here"

The correct response from me should have been to ask what he wanted and bought it for him. I was caught off guard. I have kicked myself ever since. I searched for this man for a little while. I did managed to find another homeless person to donate to. It wasn't the same.

As for McDonald's, the full story did become more evident when we sat out front and watched other homeless people sneak into the door and refill drinks. I would assume over and over...However the person in front of me was going to pay and was doing the right thing. In some way McDonald's was rewarding the behavior of not paying.

Lesson is you have to be prepared for these little moments of doing right. You never know when they will happen. I was not prepared.

You have Teenage Kids?

One of the things that has changed since I was in Junior High or High school is the Internet. It really did not exist then. One thing when Caden and Carsen will have when they get old enough is monitoring on their computers. Really, it isn't a trust issue. With online preditors and the bad things available on the Internet any one can reach out to kids and their trusting nature could end in bad things.

So if you have the same worry, check out http://www.lightspeedguide.com/

Setup a free account, install a small client (That cannot be uninstalled without notifying the parent) and you can block the bad sites, monitor activity and limit exposure.

All free. In fact you can have the system email you reports daily, weekly or monthly.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Is the smart phone making us dumb?

To be honest, I do not have one. However I will be making the upgrade around the end of the month.

However, what I saw this weekend makes me question if it is truly a Smart phone and and upgrade?

Setting in Cadens basketball class on Sat, I looked around. Around 6 parents were glued to the smart phone. Mind you, I don't mean just checking messages. GLUED the entire hour. What is so important? On Sat?

Our kids know what we are doing, what an example. We might as well had a video game and ignored our parents. It sure looked the same?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another free and interestering solution


Ever needed to do remote support for people? Friends, family or other. This is a great solution to be able to log into another persons PC and resolve the issues.

I will be honest you have to be careful to make sure that someone does not install this client into your PC that you are not familiar with. They could see your personal information or more.

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