Thursday, June 11, 2009

Customer issues.

Everyone in a company has the choice to help a situation, throw gas on the situation or throw someone under the bus.

Which choice do you choose? Really there is only one of these that bring resolution. The others create bad experiences to everyone.

Next time you face a customer challenge. No mater who caused the issue, spend some time trying to bring resolution, not more problems.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How Joddey came to our door

OK so it was not that Joddey.

This morning I went to go to work and when I opened my garage door here was a dog crate with a Lab in it with a package of dog food and bones. On the cage was the dogs name Jody and also on its collar.

I put the dog in in the back yard with my dog Molly and went to work. Not sure how the dog came to be.

I found out that the dog was there before 6:45.

It was well behaved, it would sit, come, fetch and did not jump up. Anyway, our neighbor had spoke to someone who was looking for a dog. He called at 5 and came over around 5:30. He was going to take Jodey to the vet, (Something Joddey could probably use) and is going to be a great home.

The question is how this came to be. Why my house? Why today. Why did Jodey's family have to give her up?

Responsibility when you have kids, animals or businesses are really the same. You take on a great responsibility. There are so many options to find good homes. Why just leave a dog in a cage in front of someones house I do not understand.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Firsts are coming fast

So this weekend.

1. Caden Learned to ride his bike without training wheels
2. Carsen Can really hit a ball without a T (He has been doing, he is getting good)
3. 10 Year anniversary (There will only be one of these)
4. The whole family went to a movie

What a great weekend. Balance is what makes you truly great.