Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learning from a Dog?

Last night Carsen made a good observation. Jersey (Our dog) is always happy.

He is right, she is always happy to see us even if she has been in the trash. Sure, she knows punishment is coming, however the joy of seeing us out weighs the punishment. If you think about it, dogs are most happy when they are working (Playing fetch, rolling around or simply following me when I am mowing)

I remember Molly when she was getting old and things were much harder to do. The vet made a statement like "Dogs do not know or care they are getting old. They just want to do" We could all could benefit from that attitude.

How many depressed dogs have you seen? Dogs with ADD (They own it).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tablet update

So I have had hands on experience with the
Toshiba Thrive
Samsung Galaxy 10"
Lenovo K1
Archos 101
iPad one and two
Viewpad 7"
HP Tablet
HP Slate

So to compare in order of least favorite to most favorite.

The Viewpad 7" It had Android 2.2. First of all any tablet should have 3.1 or better and the form factor of 7" is wrong. Was slow, wireless was terrible, no GPS. Would not buy this for no price.

The HP Slate. Expensive Windows 7 device with small screen. Worked well, however Windows 7 is not made for the touch screen interface. Again, the device is fine. Windows 7 on this, not so good.

HP Tablet. It WAS good. Lets face it, HP killed the OS and with that it has no future no matter what the price.

Archos 101. Great price and decent interface. However same problem with 2.2 Android as the Viewpad. If it would upgrade to 3.1 it may be ok. However I am betting that it would be slow and need more memory/processor.

From here on, I think that you would like these. There are variations of good.

Lenovo K1. It is running 3.2, has Netflix and other benefits. So first a couple of complaints in general with most of these tablets. Why do they all have some propitiatory connector to charge. Why not use USB Micro connector? (This tablet has that pin thing) They why do many of them not have flash memory slot (This one does not) Anyway on to the specifics of this unit. It is thick. Almost 1/2 inch. It is missing all other types of ports, (Although it has HDMI Mini) feels heavier than most even though it is not. I did the update out of the box to the most current version. It is slow. Does not compare to other tablets. The shell it has from the factory is poor and slow. Lenovo specific store? Why.

Toshiba Thrive and the Samsung tie in my mind even though they are very different. First the Thrive. It is thick, however feels right when you carry it. It has USB, Flash, HDMI (Full size) and decent camera's. It is fast and the cost is one of the best in the bunch.

Samsung. Major difference is it is thin. Still has that funky plug thing and no other ports. Feels good and well built. It is fast and has great interface.

iPad. I would say that even the iPad 1 is good in comparison to the rest. The 2 is in my opinion the best. It has the same port problem. Now we are coming down to the Android versus Apple discussion.

Larger more complete store
All apps seam to start as Apple then become Android.

Not as stable
Playing catch up
Will get better.

Just my view. I know we have some followers that have played with these, maybe they have some input!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Puppy update

So I have had some questions on how Jersey is coming. Her official nick name is JZ. She is learning slowly. After having Molly around and already trained it is difficult to find the patience of training the new puppy.

She really is coming along quite well. She has not destroyed anything of significance, only limited digging in the back yard and she has learned the basic commands. (Sit, come, stay and such)

I took her on a walk tonight without a leash and she stuck by me pretty well. She knows her yard and does really well in not leaving.

So far, so good.