Saturday, June 12, 2010

Off for a week in the panhandle of FL

And yes, I will be providing reports on FL oil situation.

Everyone says there is no critical sensor on electronics, however why does all my stuff stop working when I get ready to leave? Especially the home server?

Looks like I had a HD fail on it yesterday. Of course it didn't fail quickly, it was intermittent and caused me quite a search to figure out which drive it was. I think we are on the mend, yet will not know till Sunday most likely. (You know when I want to upload photo's and such to it and it might be down!) I do believe that MS could do a better job of some of the home server warnings. The errors I got this time were cryptic at best.

Welcome Matilda

I picked up another follower that I met through helping with marketing research. Matilda is studying marketing from down under. Welcome and hopefully you will find some value!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A little facelift today

Just the first of a few changes coming to Over the next week you will see some smaller changes but should add to the over all look of the site.

In addition, next week is vacation week and will be bringing some personal, business and fun.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

E-Marketing (Done Right?)

I have started to hear companies say the E-Marketing (electronic newsletters, emails, blogs, web pages and such) are no longer effective. I disagree. I would suggest that it must be done right. Whare are some of the things that would make up a "Right" solution?

* Interesting title. (Not "Free webinar" Maybe "This is way out of control!"
* Personal message from someone that the end reader may know.
* Solves a business problem that a end reader is having right now!
* Quick and to the point
* Bring added value
* Vertical special message

There is a master of some of these. Reference Robin Robbins site (Link on the side of my blog) PS This is not an ask for reference or a Paid reference.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Not even Jenifer noticed?

I stopped wearing a wrist watch a couple weeks ago. I have wore a watch since High School.

Most Millennials and younger generations never wore watches, why, their cell phone does that and so much more.

So, my watch was starting to show significant wear and I made the decision to stop wearing it.

I look forward to a summer of one less tan line and will see how it goes!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is happening to RS

Some of you may know, I spent 7 1/2 years at Radio Shack. I had a great time and learned quite a bit about management, people, technology, training and more.

I caught up with one of the managers still left there since I left 10 plus years ago. (PS I think he may be the only one left) Anyway, he was telling me about the changes. Some seem very counter productive.

Company is managed from the top by Europeans.

They did away with the manager trainee program. As it was explained to me the promote you and send another "Training" manager down to teach you for 3 days?

The do not have employee sales training any more (Used to be really good!)

They hire district managers and regional managers from outside the company and they basically do not know the business.

This all explains the stock price. I remember when I worked there in 2 years stock split 3 times and that money helped me buy my first house. PS they did away with that program too!

When I left the stock was trading in the 60's It is now in the lower 20's No splits or anything. It has been there for a long time. Dismal performance at best. (Of course I must have a lot to do with it when it was that high!)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Delivering Happiness. A path to profits, passion and purpose.

I cannot help but remember my past experiences of book reviews. Never really reading the entire book assignment, choosing books because they were short (Or I had read for other classes). So here I sat over the last week or so reading this book with a purpose of giving a real review.

I have to be honest, they sent me a free copy if I would blog about this. They also ask me to give an honest opinion. (If anything, they made a point of being honest).

The book launches today and to purchase go to
and of course see the books web page

I have to say I enjoy the way the book is laid out. It is really “Honest” You ask what that means? Sometimes I read other books with stories and it feels like the story was made up to fit the business lesson. Not this book. First of all there is no ghost writer and second, Tony makes a point to say he is writing in a style that may not please editors. HEY that is me!

Tony (Tony Hsieh founder of LinkExchange and Zappos(OK contributed to the last) tells his story of coming up the ideas that became business successes and keys that lead to historic growth. That is fine. The real point that he is making is the importance of relationships (True one on one relationships not these fake business networking relationships). Passion is another key to real business growth. Not only in the entrepreneur but the people working for the company. Clearly Tony struggled keeping this passion. His passion is in my opinion the entrepreneur ship itself.

One new concept that was drove home to me personally is

“Profit, Passion and Purpose”

I had to question myself and ask if I had all three. Do you?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ah my house back

Yep, they moved out yesterday.

To be honest, it really was not that bad. I will miss the help around the house. I will not miss the noise around the house at 4 A.M. The month went quick. The kids adjusted quickly.

Poppa had his nightly agenda. Eat early (Hopefully by 5:30), watch his recorded shows, get the kids stirred up right before bed and off to bed for himself.

He has some strange habits.

Puts the knifes he uses on the edge of the sink (The ones he uses to butter his toast and such) By the end of the day there can be 3 or 4 sitting there. He tends to be the instigator. Either with the kids, Jenifer or Nana.

Of course Nana has her daily rituals. Work, home to read a book, dinner, dishes, Internet (Not sure what she is looking up) then goes downstairs and stayed up for another hour. (Again not sure what she is doing)

She has some strange habits.

How can her and poppa generate so much laundry. That machine ran every day. Maybe many times per day! CLEANING. Her work, the new duplex. However not my house. Whats up with that!

I did find out she gets a bit grouchy when moving. She spend 5 days cleaning and was not done. FYI I do not mean moving, I mean cleaning the duplex before anything was moved in! On the flip side I believe she was happy "Organizing" once the boxes started to arrive.

Don't even ask Rich about the furniture thing! OK do this is my way of stirring!

So now that I have on set of parents out. In a week I spend a week with my parents!

After all this bonding I will be ready for some time alone.