Saturday, August 14, 2010

(Yea, more delay, we are back now)

Me and Caden took a couple of days off before school starts next week. We are going to the lake house and he is going to learn how to knee board with me, grandma and grandpa. Should be fun. I hope he learns it easy!

I was speaking to a neighbor last night and he made the statement that it must be nice to have vacation. (He owns his own business) I put it back to him that other than the wife, he has no boss. It all balances out somewhere.

Friday, August 13, 2010

(on Delay) From 49 to 100 today

Last night we ended with a simple American meal. Hamburgers and Beer. You know you choose the perfect location for a meeting when people decided to move their flights around and stay a day or two longer.

Around the table last night we were discussing our guides that did the White Water Rafting. It was a family owned business where it was Grandpa, Dad, son, daughter in law all being guides. They did not have the Cadillac equipment, but it was good however they were all EXPERTS. It showed in their actions, planning and performance. They were all very personable and really were 50% of the trip. Explaining the different features of a river, the the types of trees, rocks and such. It was really entertaining. They did not try and push buying photos, shirts or other on us. They simply wanted a referral.

Wow, what could we learn from this in the IT industry. It is not about the speeds and feeds, it is about showing our expertise in a humble way, great customer service and well planned out execution. It is about the customer, not the stuff.

So today I start the drive home. Sad to see the trip end, happy to see Jenifer and the boys. Being gone last week and this week has put me out quite a bit. I am ready to get the new ideas I have picked up in to execution stage, not ready for the heat. One more trip in the near future. Caden and I have a trip to the Lake house. I am going to teach him how to kneee board and I am sure tubing will also be on the plate. (He is now an expert in his mind) School starts in a couple of weeks and it is amazing how quick time goes by. I now am father to a 2nd grader!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

(On Delay) Exhausted!

What a great day of play with the HTG group. We went to the Arkansas River and did a little river rafting. It was a great bonding experience. The drive up was beautiful and on the way back we stopped by a lake and just admired the beauty.

This was a wonderful way to wind down from an intense couple of days of meetings.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to the oven

It is amazing how quickly you get used to 70's and forget how uncomfortable 100 really is. It sure is great to be home and see the boys and Jenifer. We will definitely have to make the trip to the mountains in the summer as a family soon. Should be a inexpensive vacation next year when it is 100 degrees.

Finishing up HTG3 we decided where we are going next year. So our trip in first quarter will be back to Vegas. We all decided that Vegas is low cost, easy to get to and has a lot to offer. I home Jenifer can make the trip this time. We will see.

Then in August we are going to Atlanta. Yea, may not be the coolest location in August. Brad will have to carry Ice in his pockets. Brian from UTG promises he will deliver a great time there. We will get to see his office and the southern sites!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(On Delay) Amazing Sites and Amazing friends

Met up with several friends from HTG3 last night. Had some great times catching up and even doing a little business. It is absolutely beautiful here. Mountains with streams running everywhere. Really makes you appreciate nature and keeping it clean.

During some of our business discussions last night we had to discuss the "Knock Knock" Plan (Attributed to Ron) Anyway, the real discussion came to an employee in a company that did not like what they were doing, the company did not like what they were doing yet no one would make the first move. It is my opinion that everyone would be happier if it came to an end. The company can move to a new way of doing business that is more productive and profitable and the employee will find a position somewhere they like (And if they do not, we know where the problem is)

Trying to be gentle in such situations may be more harsh than giving direction.

Monday, August 9, 2010

And it is over. (On Delay)

Day 2 of HTG 3 is over. Like always I learn so much. Today we had some great input from Webb at McLane Advanced Technologies. There is some definite knowledge he has gained over 30 years running 1/2 Billion dollar company. (Yes with a B). He shared his experience from the plastics industry to the food service industry and how it really does not matter what type of business it is. Great customer service, honesty and integrity and processes will make you successful.

Even beyond that, we had great topics;
Appraisal and metrics
Cash flow
Connectwise usage and reports
Life Plan
Group dynamics
and more

One theme that continues is the need for sales, sales management and processes. Many of the companies have been in this group for 4 years, yet little progress has been made. Why does this continue to be such an enigma?

As always, facilitating is one of the most challenging things I do. From keeping us on pace to keeping us on topic and I really play a strong role in the dynamics of everything. I continue to get better, yet feel there is a long ways to go. The group has really found its groove and we are picking up the pace and really making a difference.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day one HTG 3 (On Delay)

Day one started out slow. (Maybe a bit too much bar last night) However we really caught our groove mid morning. The group has been together long enough to really let everyone know how they feel. It is nice to get there. The QBR (Quarterly Business Reviews) are a little all over the place. Clearly the amount of time you invest into the report shows and helps you get value. We struggle on how much time to give. If you let it go, every member would take 2 hours and it is all we would do. However not enough and people cannot get to the key points. The presentation is as important as everything else.

We had a great dinner with Jan from eFolder. Great friends, great food and great time.

I had a chance to connect with several new members in a deep way. I cannot wait to get at it in the morning.

PS Mountain air is great! Views do not get any better!