Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Take some time today and think of those working in the stores some of you will be visiting. Many of those workers will not be getting breaks, lunch or more. Think of the time over the next month or so that they will be away from their family to serve you.

Also remember that sometimes patience will be thin and other customers will be not happy. Help these workers out when you can.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sales VS Marketing Round 1

I recently attended an event as a presenter and had a chance to watch other presentations. One of these presentations was about advertising and marketing. Hey , something I should be able to learn about. I have to tell you that I was a bit confused about some of the statements that they were presenting as fact. Here is how they were presented;
Selling VS Marketing
Selling: Concentrates on the seller
Marketing: Focused on the customer

Selling: What can I get you to buy?
Marketing: What problem can I solve for you.

Selling: A deal you can’t refuse
Marketing: I’ve got something that can help you.

Selling: Selling what I have in stock
Marketing: Stocking what people want to buy

Selling: Getting rid of what you have
Marketing: Offering what people want

Maybe, just maybe they were referring to a old school used car salesman. The presentation that I sat through did not state that. Really what they were saying is that all salespeople only have their own interests at heart. More importantly, it is my opinion that Sales and Marketing go hand in hand. Creating this conflict between them would be a huge mistake.

There were some other “Quotes” that I found questionable.

“If you can’t be the best, fake it” (They must believe they can market themselves as the best even though they are not. It will catch up to them)

“If you can’t be the best, don’t try” (I am not the best at many things that I do. I am not the best writer for example, however you are reading this! According to this person, I should not try. If you do not try, how will I not get better? This is pure BS.

Don’t let others tell you what to do or how to do it. Most of the time, others will try and keep you down. IE not to be the best. Remember this. Marketing people were the one’s that told you that smoking was cool. Now they are telling you that it makes you look stupid. Integrity in marketing (Sometimes) can be bought and sold, just like salespeple

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Positive attitude.

The best sales asset is a positive attitude.


One of the things that I find helps me get ready for the day is some motivating music. Don't over look the ability for music to get you pumped up! Every professional sporting event knows this!

Monday, November 23, 2009

If your not growing, you are on the way out.

That message seems clear almost everywhere.

If you are not growing business, you are shrinking.

If your not growing your knowledge, you are getting dumber by the minute.

If your not reaching out, you are reducing your reach.

If your not offering more value, you are losing value.

If your not making money, you are losing money.

If your not getting happier, you are getting grumpier.

If your not working towards your goals, they are getting further away.

If your not gaining weight... Darn it, that doesn't work...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The holiday power

So it is Thanksgiving week. Thursday, maybe Friday and the rest of the weekend is a great time to connect with family, relax and get refocused.

However remember you have to keep focused during work and not get comfortable. Just because the office is empty doesn't mean that work cannot get done. In fact I find that you can have some focus time where others will not be interrupting you.

In sales, (Unless you are in retail) you will find that there will be some down time to get caught up on organizing the CRM or to get some of those large proposals done. So leave these activities to these down times and set appointments during the other times.