Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have been Profiled?

So I went to a great dinner tonight with Jenifer, her grandparents and parents for their anniversary. I had taken the Vette and met Jenifer there. So after the dinner I was going down Vine (The main route through town) and came to a stop light. I know what you are thinking, I am innocent till proven guilty.

Jenifers grandpa pulled up next to me in the passing lane and reved his engine. At green he squealed his tires and took off. No, I admit that I gave it a short go till 30 and was a couple of car lenghts ahead by that time. However I did not break the tires loose.

So as I got on interstate here came the flashing lights up after me at about 90 mph. Great. He was running my information for "Excessive display of horsepower"

The officer was less than friendly and gave me no chance to discuss what had happened. After returning to my car after running insurance and licence he ask me what was going on. I informed him that I did give Ralph a go, however I did not squeal the tires. (To be honest, Z rated tires do not squeal. If you go to a drag race have you heard squealing tires? No. How do I know that Z rated tires do not squeal? Someone must have told me:)) Anyway, the officer told me that he did not witness the tires squealing and gave me a warning. Point being I was profiled, a younger guy in a red vette versus older guy in seabring. I guess I see his point.

I will have to add that I have never received a ticket. EVER. That probably helped.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Creating a Brand?

I was speaking with someone today about creating a brand. No not a company brand, rather your brand. You know, your name and yourself! Do you own your own name as a domain name? For those of you not in the industry that is the If not, why not? You planning on changing your name? It is $10 a year. A web site is $5 a month. You can put what ever you want on it. Or a blog, like the one you are viewing is free!

We spend a lot of time creating company brands, however the one brand that will never leave you is you. Why not spend some time there?