Saturday, June 23, 2012

OK I checked

Even Death Valley is cooler than Hays this week. Maybe I need to check the surface of the sun.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good conversation about interesting

We were discussing some marketing yesterday and one thing that we all agreed about (For a change) was it at least had to be interesting. Nothing drives me more crazy than boring marketing.

During the Royals game last night there was the always interesting Beef Jerky Sasquatch commercial. The more recent release can be seen HERE.

Has all the great elements. Product placement, you cant turn the channel and is funny.

The only other thing that I think can make advertising better is adding value to the viewer/listener. Make them aware and educate.

Keep it fun
Add value
Make it interesting

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A song, game and a hero

It all started with the National Anthem sung by Garrett and Tammy Wellbrock. They did a great job. (Definitely something I could not do, nor would you want me to do it. Your ears would hurt)

Then we had a chance to see Blake throw a great inning with no runs.

Meanwhile in the background I had my award winning friend Gerard Wellbrock in the background calling the game. I kinda missed him during the game however. It is kinda nice having your own color man for the games.

Claudio then finished the game with no runs and even gave us a dance. (OK, it is just his follow through)

Right when you thought it could not get any better.

Carsen came BLASTING up the stairs with a bat from Ryan Busboom the one player (Outside of Blake, duh) Carsen LOVES. No matter where Carsen is, when Ryan's walk up song starts, Carsen stops to watch.

A super big thanks to Ryan for making Carsen's year.