Friday, April 25, 2008

Meetings...Can they be productive?

I am sure that everyone has been in that meeting that really should have lasted 20 min and carried on for 2 hours. This drives me crazy! I recently have avoided scheduling meetings in favor of the in prompt to meeting. Short, to the point and get it done.

What is especially annoying to me is the meeting without a leader. Most of the time if you call the meeting you are the leader. What should a leader provide during a meeting?

1. An agenda sent out prior to the meeting. That way if people want to add topics, you can put on the agenda and everyone can be prepared.

2. Keep on time. If it is a 30 min meeting. Be on time, on task and get it DONE!

3. Keep on topic. Sure you can get on the edges of topics. But the job of the meeting leader is to bring the group back on topic.

4. If another meeting needs to be set. Do it now.

5. Don't set meetings to just have meetings. WHY DO THIS? Cancel meetings if you don't need them!

6. BE PREPARED! Don't waste peoples time.

7. Don't schedule for 2 hours when you need one. You will end up using 2.

Admittedly I don't follow my own rules all the time. I am getting better...Sorry for the rant today!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Lunch and Learn

Today I am presenting for a lunch and learn in Russell KS. For those of you not familiar with Kansas, it is a small town east of Hays. (Home of Bob Dole). We will have between 10 and 15 clients attend. I enjoy these. Getting feedback from our clients, presenting new ideas and seeing some lights pop on for some.

These are hard work. Calling clients, getting rooms, catering and logistics. One thing has remained consistent. We come out with several leads every time that we close at least one deal.
These events are important for our vendors also. They present some of the time and they see the activity in the field. Marketing isn't a sprint, it is more like training. You have to be continually doing activity.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I work for a Communications Company!

Yes, I work for a communications company. We have every type of communications available. Land lines, cell phones, Internet, E-Mail, face to face communications, and my least favorite the "Meeting" (I promise to cover in the future my thoughts on the meeting). What is it that I feel one of the main challenges we face every day? You guessed it, communication!

From us communicating with the customer the expectations on projects to sales communicating a scope of work to our technical department all the way to communicating to each other. Carsen, my 2 year old communicates better sometimes then I do. He will keep repeating the same word, and pointing at what he wants you to do until either you do it, or someone else in the room tells you what he wants!

I have never heard of too much communication. Focusing on this communication can mediate issues before they become problems, provide better customer service and bring the best solutions for our customers.

I want to thank all of the HTG3 guys that have reached out over the last week. Stuart, Mike, Aaron, Joddey, Brent (I apologize if I missed anyone) Thanks for keeping the communication lines open. It can be easy to not talk to each other between meetings. It means a lot that you reached out. (PS Ricky, I am buying your KU outfit for you this week, this may be a good time to "Communicate")

Monday, April 21, 2008

Remembering your past and bringing it forward.

I had a great weekend in Council Grove KS. My parents have a house on the lake there and it is a good place to get away. No Internet, cell phone doesn't work very well, almost no land lines. Anyway, my sister and I gave a surprise birthday (My dad) and 40th anniversary party. (Thanks for all the work Michelle did, she did most of it). Everyone had a great time.

Lots of people from my parents past came. Some neighbors, coworkers (both my parents are retired now),friends and family. All of these people were part of my past and they have shaped who I am. It was fun catching up with everyone.

In life it is important to know who to trust and who will support you. It is equally important to have these people in your professional life. Do you know who these people are? This is just another example how building relationships are important