Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Self Fufilling

I have to be honest, I never felt I was lucky. Rather, planning, making the right decisions and continuously moving forward were keys to success.

Recently, I feel like our economy has been a fulfillment of our own prophecy. That is all we hear is bad economy. "these down times" I have heard over and over. Now sure we seem to have an economy issue. Banks making loans they shouldn't and people over extending themselves. However that too seemed to be meeting other people's expectations.

Maybe if we just set our own expectations and try to live up to those we would be making better choices. Set our own reality.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Taking in the steps of Stuart, I have to add some comments on Celebrity apprentice. We have some real interesting characters.

Tom Green (Comedian Kind of) I have to be honest, brains is probably not his strong suit. If anything he is in your face and annoying.

Dennis Rodham (SP) Can't dress, complainer, but an amazing basketball player.

Joan Rivers. All about herself, VAIN and a voice that has a lot in common with finger nails on a chalk board. LOUD

Jesse James. I look forward to seeing what he brings. A good business man, opinionated and not afraid to speak that opinion. A worker

Andrew Dice Clay. COCKY.

Clint Black. Seems to come off classy. We will see

Annie Duke I will refer to her as the Apprentice Historian. Not a great team player. Poker is not a team sport.

Scott Hamilton seems to have a good business mind upfront. Stronger than I thought. I was expecting "Alternative" Yes I know, that is a stereo type.

It is obvious that most of the celebs have set up people to donate for their causes. (Good planning)

OK KOTU is a STUPID name (Kings of the Universe)

So my picks for this year. I am going to pick 4 that will lead.

1. Jesse James
2. Brande Roderick (SP)
3. Scott Hamilton
4. Clint Black

I believe that Brande will be the sleeper
I am undecided with Clint, he may be a stronger player than I think.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A new baby?

I was thinking that Jeff from SMC Supply and his wife are expecting a baby any day now (If not already) Anyway what a life changing experience is coming his way.

In fact, if your reading this, Jeff, go to bed right now, your going to need the sleep.

Anyway, I was thinking how your children make work seem so UN-important (Or at least it should)

You have the rest of your life to work, only a few precious years to raise your kids. It is easy to slip into a world of work that makes you think that everything should revolve around it. It is hard to avoid this trap.

I am sure that Jeff understands this division well. Maybe he will add some comments on his first couple of weeks when the baby arrives. (If he can keep his eyes open)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is it all about price?

Jenifer has been getting me gift certificates for the local golf shop since Christmas. I just started looking at replacing my Irons this year. I have the original ones I started with 3 years ago that I paid around $150 for. They have been great. I will keep them around for traveling and such.

Anyway, went into the golf shop and spoke to the manager about what I was looking for. He went straight for best price. He never ask any more qualifying questions than my handicap. I am not looking to spend a fortune, however I figure these clubs will last me for several years (Or more) and from what I can tell the difference between medium and expensive clubs are no more than $200. Unless you go to some extremes.

It was really a turn off. I felt like I was being put into a price, not a solution.

It is easy to jump to conclusions and infer for customers what they want. Even trying to get them a good deal can sometimes turn the customer off like it did me.

Stick to the basics, ask lots of questions and never put your expectations on a customer.