Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Feedback Loop

For years I looked forward to the annual review. I had worked hard and it was time to hear about the great things I had accomplished and the rewards that came with it. Yet every year I was left empty. Why is that? I would sit through my review hearing great things and then receive the average rating. So first though was "Maybe I am average" Time for the self awareness to take an inventory. Did we hit the goals put forth yes and in many times exceeded (But lets be clear, not always). Job duties, check. OK so lets take a look at the feedback and see where it is that I can improve for this coming year. After the third read and evaluation of the sit down, this is where I am struggling. There wasn't any feedback on what actions, levels of performance is needed to exceed expectations.

I carry this forward with every review I write and ones I review today. Are you providing the feedback necessary for your team to exceed or are you saying good job, thanks for being average and keep running around the circle in hopes of exceeding some expectation that isn't clear.

I do truly believe that providing feedback is one of the most important things a leader can do. Don't be afraid of giving direct feedback just don't forget to have some balance of positive and negative.

Give feedback and go lead.