Sunday, April 11, 2021

Coming of Age?

2020 and 2021 are years of coming of age in the Riat household. My boys, one being a freshman and one a senior, me turning 48 (Knocking on 50). But honestly it is all good? Carsen has moved from baseball to tennis and is very happy about it, Caden really has found his place. From the first job that he still has at Dillons to being part of the Royal Court (Not sure if that is the right term) for his prom to selecting his college. I cannot say I saw the same success my two boys have found in HS. I was much more awkward for sure. No sports, constantly trying to find my place. Maybe that I why I have enjoyed my 40's so much? I know my strengths, I am in a position where I can help others. The one thing I hope to push into my boys is my positive outlook on (Well, pretty much everything) Keep it positive