Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What is next

I recently was having a conversation with an Euteneuer that sold his business and he was contemplating what is next for him. This is not unique to business owners, heck I spent my entire career working to get to my current position and now...what is next. Maybe it is ok to not have a next for a while? Let’s face it I am a next guy. Always looking forward to the next. I sturggle living in the moment so maybe I should just slow down and enjoy the current? I don't think I know how to do that! Just because I don't know what is next does not mean I am not preparing for next (Not knowing what it is) Building people, skills and more. Something interesting we did discuss was that both of us have worked from our first job early in life till now without a break. He was going to take a few months to just get some projects he wants done and relax. (Honestly, I am not sure he can do that!) I have always thought this would be interesting, take a few months and have no destination for a while. (I think I need the stress to keep things going) For now, I will keep looking forward with no intent to slow down.