Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So we are on PEER III now. This one is based in Great Bend Kansas. This Peer thing is getting a bit easier. There is lots of things we can replicate and not have to start new. This time I am going to try a little something different. Mark is going to participate in the meeting with the goal of facilitating the next group. We have interest in Peer IV and V so I am sure the groups will get going soon.

It is amazing how much time it takes to communicate with these groups, setting up the facilities and just getting organized. The reward of seeing people realize that they have the same struggles in IT and life is reward enough. Then to see them help each other become "Stronger better faster and smarter to quote Kanya West" is great!

I have had several folks ask what the direction of the groups will ultimately be. To be honest I am still developing this. We will see. I do foresee getting all the groups together once a year for a great learning opportunity, to leverage the power of the groups to get presentations that would not usually come to Western Kansas and who knows, maybe we will take this statewide? I cannot think of anything that would help IT directors more than their own community.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Are you allowing people to help you?

It seems lately that I have had some opportunities to help others. Nothing big, just little things. However most of these people cannot seem to get their minds around the fact that someone would simply want to help them. They want to know your motive. When I tell them it is to help them it only makes them more worried about the motive. It is too bad that our society has made people that paranoid about help.

I suppose there has to be a balance between making sure you have your guard up against people wanting to take advantage of you and allowing people to help.

Next time you have some one extend their hand to help. Give them a chance to help?