Saturday, May 7, 2011

Speed of change

It is the little things that you forget!

Today at the hardware store I was in line behind someone who wrote a check. It took forever. I was then thinking how long it had been since I had seen someone write a check in front of me.

Only 10 years ago this would not have been that big of a deal.

I was thinking how long it has been since I have written a check. I do not think I have done it this year!

On delay (I am back now) Traveling to Dallas

For Q2 HTG meeting. I choose to drive due to the fact that flying took almost the same amount of time. By the time I went to the airport, got connecting flights and then rented a car it was just as easy to fly.

However If I would have flown, the bad weather would have been avoided. It rained from the KS border to Dallas and the rest of the night.

It is nice to have a suite, however there are more windows and the storm packed quite a lot of thunder. We will see how it goes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I have not spoke about the laser lately

Laser beam focus on what you can change. Don't focus on what you cannot. Sure, try and work on those that can make changes to things thaoutou have problems with.

Remember that basic sales training of narrowing the conversation and do that with your tasks. Put on the Bose noise canceling life headphones and cancel the noise that is the things you cannot change. Bring laser beam focus to your tasks and see how much more effective you become. Execute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A grinder

Probably not what you thought. Nick Bock from Five Nines stated that he loves these type of reps. He defines these as those who go after medium deals, low stress and yet continualy make quota. This is so true!

Thanks Nick. However he also stated that all sales are like watching a train wreck... I may disagree a bit on that one.