Friday, May 1, 2009

The Golf Tournament

Had a great time playing in the AMBUCKS fund raiser golf tournament. It seems like in sales and in golf the loudest person on the course, and the one that brags the most is the least capable. If you find yourself having to raise your voice or constantly being the center of attention is it because you are making up for something?

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Diskeeper Experience

So I had the perfect unit to try Diskeeper (A defrag tool). My 2 1/2 old work laptop. It is a Centrino unit with 2 gb of ram running XP Pro. To be honest it is starting to slow down. To be exact it was taking about 6 min to boot.

I installed the Diskeeper. Took about 2 min and was simple. Went to the console and realized that the base install does everything I need. It runs in the background when there is nothing else running. According to the interface I was heavily fragmented and needed lots of help (Ok I added that part) It ran for about 2 days in the background before it reported running in the green. The boot time? 2.5 min WOW, performance is improved (According to the interface 21%) It gets smarter over time by learning what files I use more often.

So my review is the product works, is quick and improves performance. Drawbacks? Well the $60 price tag plus annual maint. This seems a bit high, but for 20% increase in performance this is rather cheap.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another dissapointment?

So a vendor promised to send something and I even sent a reminder email on Friday. Another rep that promised and did not deliver. Is it really that big a deal to simply say you cannot deliver it? Or simply let someone know it will be a little longer?

Remember that when you are in sales. It is really that simple. Return people's calls, do what you say you would and be honest. Lets face it. The competition wont!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The other video

WWGD? Reading What Would Google Do? AND Picture of perfect sales team.

And as per request, the picture of my perfect sales team....:)

Back to Google.

It has a really interesting perspective on business. Really in some way contrary to the way we as VAR's do business. It is simple. Charge the minimum to make money (Or break even) and the people and money will come. Versus charging what the market will bare.

I am just starting my Google journey but it has been educational already.