Wednesday, December 8, 2021

How much transparancy?

I usually have little to nothing to hide and especially in business. But the reality is that there are times that you cannot give the complete picture. Maybe it is relevant to an acquisition or pay or even things having to do with HIPPA. However more than not I see others hide things or treat them like they are top secret? Why? I am guessing that many times I give up too much. What I think about a process, how others have treated people or even mistakes I have made. But sharing any of these can help us grow together? I should probably focus more on sharing my mistakes since they are mine to share. The other part of this is when you cannot share it can make others super uneasy and possibly damage trust. The easiest way of overcoming this is saying that it doesn’t have to do with the person you are speaking with (Assuming it doesn’t…Don’t lie) That is what most people want to know. For now I will try and stay on the side of clarity without giving away anything that shouldn’t be shared.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

I was reminded - let others lead

I was working with another leader yesterday and they were making a point how their supervisor was so involved with their team that they were unable to really lead. There was no excuse from the leader just that many of times the supervisor stepped in during important times and usurped the situation. The why behind it was from a situation that had happend to that supervisor in the past where they had lost control or someone they were managing failed. Hey, I get that, we have all worked with others that we wished had done better. That is when a leader must coach not do. Easier said than done and a good reminder for me to make sure I allow others to lead.

Monday, December 6, 2021

My Weak Spot

Do you have that person that for whatever reason just gets your goat up? Yes GOAT Steve Gilliland – My Secretary Margaret: Hide Your Goat! - YouTube Honestly I don’t have very many of those people but when I run into them my EQ goes out the window. I simply snap (No excuses). I recently started looking at my own behavior to try and identify the traits that cause my strong reaction. Here is what does it for me; • They are not self-aware (But claim to be). That last part is important. I have found the more people state they are self-aware the less likely they actually are. • Bullies – this is a strange one for me. When I witness that I then do it to that person. UGH • People that talk about others Ok, admittedly not a long list and honestly I only have a few people that do this to me. I am trying to be more aware and keep my EQ where it should be.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Building future leaders

If you are a leader in your organization or even a percieved leader you have a responsibility to build the future leaders. Probably not new news however what are you DOING to build the future? For me it means spending time dedicated to the leadership development. There are two parts. First is to go over some tactical parts of Supervision. Not necessarily to be confused with leadership (Not all supervisors are leaders) but how to handle difficult conversations, tactical parts of leading a team and lessons you have learned over the years. Second taking leadership topics and walking through them. For me this is talking about events that have happened to me, or I have witnessed and walking through them (These can be good things and bad situations) The key is to protect this leadership time from the day to day business. I do struggle keeping these things out of this time but I try my best. (Hey, I don't have a problem discussing this with you but can we set a separate time to cover? I want to keep this time focused on you and development.) This is done for my team by spending 1 hour per month per person and 2 hours per month as a group. Key is, make it a priority. It is your future.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Number One Priority of a leader - Bring Clarity - But it isn't that simple?

You say sure it is, just tell people what they need to know. OK, fair enough but the trap is when people want rules. The problem with rules is that they live in a black and white world. This would look like always and never. (PS Not a fan) I believe the best clarity you can give is guidelines and have your teams back. Coach through the tough decisions and that will bring clarity. Versus telling them what to do and having them having to check with you to make sure they get the direction.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Focus - Stay on Target - Make sure the target is clear

Sometimes I have that scene in Star Wars where they are attacking the Death Star and the guy keeps saying "Stay on Target" playing over and over. It is so easy to get distracted. I was speaking to my dad this last weekend and he was telling me how he was working on some touch up paint but then went to the basement and was distracted by another project and completed that task from earlier and went back upstairs only to realize that he forgot to ge the paint. Heck, I do that all the time - distracted all the time! But in business I see it different. You lay out the vision, put together a plan then get distracted by so many other things. Recently it has been constant distractions (Not to say they arn't real) - COVID - Product Constraints Just to name a couple small things, but it is the tactical day to day items that tend to get the team distracted and impact business. Shiney deals that do not align to where we want to go and we sink tons of time only to get to the end and understand it was a waste. Or others trying to distract us in swim lanes that are not ours. Maybe my most annoying is discussing process and process change, minor change only to not do anything. Sometimes acting like you are a startup for short stretches can gain the momentum we need to jump gaps. Our pants are on fire, we are running out of time an money and if this thing doesn't happen the we will fail. Get the momentum up and see how far you can fly. "The key to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss"

Monday, November 29, 2021

Number one thing for hiring?

Last week I was infront of a group of college students (In which Caden my son happened to be part of) and was ask what the number one thing I look for in a potential candidate was and it was quick to come to my mind. EQ - or Emotional Intelligence. There is about as much online about this than you can possibly read. Yet what does it mean to me. - The ability to control your emotions - To be self aware - a link to empathy for others I am keeping this list simple on purpose. Why is EQ most important to me? I can teach other skills, still I believe that you can enhanse somesomes EQ but if they do not have a good foundation you cannont start on sand.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Number one thing to building a successful team?

Ok at least in the areas I deal is confidence. The confidence to do the right thing, to activate without having to ask permission. (Sometimes a wrong decision is better than a delayed or no decision) Another way I have seen this put is that people with FU equity are some of the most powerful. They are doing the job because they like to do it, or it is the right thing for the customer. Not the money or security. Ultimately if you build trust with your team that you have their back they will out perform those who are simply there to collect a paycheck.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The best over time?

I have a friend and coworker that I have been working with for 25 years and recently we have been traveling together. I am thankful for so much in this relationship but here are the quick ones. 1. He keeps it simple 2. No drama 3. Ability to handle almost any situation 4. Blending into any enviornment 5. Able to have fun 6. Consistent OK not mind blowing but sometimes you appreciate the simple things in life like a good friend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Business Lessons from Facilitating and interacting with businesses around the globe

Can it really be that simple? A question I was ask earlier this month. Well...Yes. What I have seen is the most successful businesses simply execute on business objectives using proven methods. OK you say proven business objectives? In the peer groups you see others execute or you see Subject Matter Experts come in and present how they were successful. The successful businesses follow their method (And let me be clear, pretty much exactly) The opposite is what I see more often. 1. Businesses that are too busy to be successful - They just keep doing the same thing with the same results. 2. They take the template and think they know better and take short cuts or change it in some way then not creating the same successful results 3. Looking for silver bulets. Something easy that knocks down all the problems. Most of the time this is not something you can find 4. Don't stick with it long enough. Many times getting a business flywheel rolling it takes at least a quarter if not a year. Recently I heard a presentation that said (Abbreviated) Take care of your customers, charge well and make it simple. That is success. Remember your business is perfectly organized to produce the results it is producing today.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Over 10 years of facilitating industry peer groups!

First of all, what an amazing experience. I was in my early 30's when I started and now I look back on those in the room that are that age and think wow. But I learned so much from the experiences. 1. How to facilitate - To prepare for meetings, get vendors on the page, set agendas and more. 2. Finance - How, why and impacts and so much more. 3. Met so many great people. From presentors to amazing entrepreneurs and so much more. 4. Business in so many different area. I would compare it to a MBA but more. 5. Contacts! From every walk of life. I feel like I have a contact for almost anything. 6. Culture 7. The personal side of business (The tough stuff) 8. Traveled 3 countries! 9. Helped involved my team in the experience (Legacy) It was tough to think about stepping away. Who knows, maybe in the future I will come back to it. As for now I do look forward to getting back a month a year of my calendar. Thanks Arlin Sorensen, HTG, Evolve and team for the experience.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Teaching Presenting?

Recently I have been involved with a lot of people that are either needing to present, wanting to learn the skill or simply tuning their skills. I was ask to co-present a training to a team of people. I have to be honest, I have co-presented before and it is “OK” but it isn’t great! If you have to give a lot of content it definitely can reduce the load. However many times I have found that it increases the load. You have to sit down together, you have to play nice (I know I should anyways) and it ends up being more work. It definitely depends on who you are doing it with. My opinion is to only do it when you get to pick who you co-present with. NOW I do realize that the person being ask is not doing the choosing. Problem. Anyway, back to presenting training. After thinking this over quite a bit I have determined that it is personal. Sure you can give some over all structure guidelines. The real issue to me is the fact that when presenting you have to remain true to your natural style. If you are quit and reserved you cannot be loud and interactive. I am sure there are many other comparisons. But basically you can’t “Teach” a reserved person to be large on stage (I am sure there are exceptions) The best coaching that can be given is to; • Why are you presenting (What is in it for you) • What is in it for the crowd • Have a structure (No rambling) • It is a performance – be entertaining • Have fun (It will show) • Details matter (Where you stand, can they hear you, how you dress and so on) • Stories are best (Personal experiences are even better) I get it, not a complete guide but some starting thoughts.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Is my phone broken?

I can call people but for whatever reason no one will return my call! I am going to pick on a local car dealer. 3 weeks ago there was a recall on my break pads. They said give them a couple days. Nothing Called them back today - no one answered the phone. So I left a voice mail. Guess what, they did not return my call (At all!) I just want some company to have customer service? Let me be clear, just CALL ME BACK! It is beginning to look like to have a decent business if you just do what you say you will win!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Coming of Age?

2020 and 2021 are years of coming of age in the Riat household. My boys, one being a freshman and one a senior, me turning 48 (Knocking on 50). But honestly it is all good? Carsen has moved from baseball to tennis and is very happy about it, Caden really has found his place. From the first job that he still has at Dillons to being part of the Royal Court (Not sure if that is the right term) for his prom to selecting his college. I cannot say I saw the same success my two boys have found in HS. I was much more awkward for sure. No sports, constantly trying to find my place. Maybe that I why I have enjoyed my 40's so much? I know my strengths, I am in a position where I can help others. The one thing I hope to push into my boys is my positive outlook on (Well, pretty much everything) Keep it positive