Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iPad 1 Versus iPad 2

So I have had the iPad 2 for a month and decided it is time to let everyone know the differences.

The iPad 2 is;
Front Camera
Back Camera
Dual Core Processor
Then new "Smart" cover
Tapered edges

These are the real differences
What have I noticed performance wise between them? The new iPad is faster. Web surfing, loading applications and mail. Maybe in the realm of 25 to 40% faster. I have no real purpose for the cameras, however it is nice. The battery is the same, screen is the same and the applications are the same.

Bottom line question is "Is the new iPad worth upgrading from the iPad 1?" Well, if you are a heavy user maybe. Am I satisfied with this? Yes. However the iPad 1 is a great value at the decreased price.

Drawbacks? I wish the "Smart" Cover was not so expensive and the covers and such from 1 would work on 2.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Setting expectations.

Have you ever purchased something that you had hopes of it doing something great. Then you get it home and it was...OK?

Many times if you think back you may find that the expectations were set too high. A simple example from my day was the toys in cereal boxes. You watched the commercials or read the box and the secret decoder was going to help decode the super special message. Or the invisible ink is going to help you communicate with all your friends or last the record was going to have that hit song!

The lesson is to set the expectations with your customers properly. With big change for your customers comes some pain. Setting that as an expectation is ok. Key is be honest and set real expectations.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Can we learn something from Summer Vacation?

I know that Caden is way tired of School. He is ready for something new, no homework and some play time.

I know that some companies require some time away to work on things that you want to develop. Wouldn't it be great to have a couple of months to refocus your energies, develop some of your personal projects (I currently have 4) and do some reading. Maybe they have this "Summer Vacation" would be a great idea for us all!

Companies are always needing more quality employees. Think, if we let our older population have 2 months off a year, perhaps they would come back to work and then we would all have enough trained, experienced employees

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Caught up?

I know, it has been a while since a post. After all the travel, time out of the office and events it has taken me a while to get caught up. This weekend went a long way in getting things done.

1. Lawn Mowed
2. Jens car detailed (Even steam cleaned the carpets and waxed it)
3. Round of golf played
4. Dresser for Larks player put together (Thanks for the help Rich)
5. Basement walk in closet cleaned out (No thanks to Jen)
6. Lots of baseball played with Carsen
7. All the neighbors caught up with
8. Jersey beginning to work towards training

And much more. Maybe Memorial day will be relaxing. Right now the only thing on the schedule is riding the ATV's (Thanks Loren)