Monday, November 25, 2019

Mechanically minded or not?

I have always been mechanically minded. What does this mean? Simply the ability to understand how things work and how they work together to equal a result. When I was little and had a go cart I remember I wanted to go faster. (This is before the days of internet) So removing the governor, more fuel, more air and away we go. What used to go 30 could now go 60 (Down hill) and how do I know? The repurposed bike speedometer.

I see that Caden has this ability and Carsen does not. Caden will figure it out if you give him the parts. Carsen needs a class, diagram and the math behind it. Both skills are helpful. Carsen does well at school. Following directions, step by step instruction where Caden will take things and make them work. The interesting thing is how they both struggle with the others ability to just understand it.

What is the lesson here? Neither is smarter than the other rather it is my ability to teach them in a way they understand. (Plus work to their individual strengths) (like that saying "You can't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree")