Saturday, December 11, 2010

Continued Feedback?

David from Sydney Australia.

"Saw your presentation at ConnectWise. Especially liked your TAAS. I was tinkering with HAAS foe a while, but you motivated me to add it as an option in my quotes.

Just closed the first deal. Thanks for the motivation and the ideal to have it as an additional line underneath the price."

It amazes me how much and continued feedback I have received from the CW Presentations. One thing that has been clear is the importance of feedback on these presentations. It is hard to get people to give real and honest feedback. On one of my recent feedback forms from Dodge, all I got was lots of "Great presentations" It would help to get some really detailed information. I will work on that for others.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Congratulations to Tammy (See her blog on the side). She is now our new chamber director! She has made the most of the last several years growing herself and her skills. I am sure she will be sad to not see my face almost daily, however she will still have to deal with me every once in a while.

I will miss her on the team and her contributions. Yet one her moving on is one of the biggest compliments she could give.

Congrats again. Build the Brand!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The new Cell Phone

Like every other piece of technology in my life, good but not great. I have a HTC Desire.
First the good;
Big screen
Great capacitive touch screen
Battery is good, lasts about 2 days
Voice quality is great
it is fast on the Internet and fast on screen transitions.
GPS works great

Now the bad;
Cannot tether via wireless 802.11 without rooting
It can be complex to use.
it is big
Accessories are expensive

All in all, good but could be better!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The "American" Top Gear

So I have caught a couple of episodes of the "American" Top Gear that is on the History Channel Sundays.

It is worth watching, however I enjoy the UK version better. Maybe it is because they have done some of the same stunts and such as the UK version, so the excitement is less.

I guess we have to let England have one thing on us.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

When there is something strange in your

Neighborhood, who you gonna call?

Ghost Busters!

The boys have been into watching Ghost Busters and I have forgot some of the 80's things in the movie. One of the things that caught me odd was the computer dust cover! At first I thought "What were they protecting it from" Then I had to realize that the computer was probably worth more than the car they drove!

I was also looking at the cars that are in the movie. Wow, there were some horrible cars in the 80's

Anyway, I am sure Nana misses the dust cover. It really aligns with everything she loves. Clean, orderly and unnecessary.