Friday, February 7, 2014

Owning customer service (Is gone?)

Recently it seems that I have had several extremely bad customer service experiences. And to be honest I don't believe those who where helping me even thought it was their job to deliver customer service.

The theme that I have identified is denial. "Our company wouldn't do that", "I wouldn't do that", "We wouldn't do that" or "You must have misunderstood!"

However in every case I had proof that it had happened. A couple of times I provided that proof, a couple of times I moved on.

The issue isn't that it happened hey, stuff happens. The issue is just acknowledge it and work the problem. It doesn't matter if I can PROVE it, rather it is my perspective it happened and you are not going to suggest otherwise.

Great example today. I watched an accident happen at a resturaunt. A glass of water was spilled all over a customer. Now to be honest I don't know if it was the customers fault or the waiter. The waiter then went into diagnosing what happened to divert blame off him. Lets face it, he would have been better off just taking the blame (Hey, customer is always right eh?) Then start immediately working the problem (Helping the customer clean up and then cleaning up the mess)

That didn't happen, I am not sure if we saw the waiter again. I had to beg to get the bill taken care of. The ice was still on the floor when we left.

Own the problem.