Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lighting Update

Things are up and running this year. This year we did a significant update. I went from all enclosed solid state device to a Laptop running the sound and controls a remote switching unit (Via Serial connection through USB). With over 1,000 foot of extension cords, who knows how many lights and LED's it is quite a show. Stop by and tune your radio to 89.5. You will hear some Transiberian Orchestra, Charlie Brown, Knocking on Heavens Door, even some transitions from Christmas Vacation.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

My annual Thanksgiving Rant

I have to post every year how the day after Thanksgiving still haunts me. It was a love and hate relationship. Go back some 13 plus years with me when I managed a Radioshack. I had to make sure I was back in town and be in the store at like 4 a.m. to put up the "Black Friday" deals. Not to worry, I was not alone. I tried to only have the minimum people before we actually opened. We were always swamped once the door opened. More people than we could help. Anyway, from this day till after the first of the year, 60 plus hours, tons of inventory and paperwork then to end it with inventory on January 1.

I read an artical about Target and an employee that was protesting having to come in at midnight. I understand his concern. However it was part of the job. That part of the job was one large piece of why I left retail.

My understanding of people who get up (Or don't go to bed) to get that super deal is gone. Perhapse I have more money than time.

Just remember that when you are out shopping during the holidays. Have some patience with those helping you. Remember that they gave up family time to help you and earn a living.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Garden City Dodge City

Started early in Garden City. A large crowd for being before 8. The presentation went really well. The Interim Chamber Director stated that "She just wanted to follow me around the rest of the day and hear me talk" I would have to say this was unexpected and one of the best compliments I could have had.

Then Dodge City. The room was not quite as nice however the crowd really filled in. I did have a chance to listen into a sales person (Manager with her report sitting next to her) speak to a large customer right next to me. They had no idea who I was or that I even understood what they were talking about. I want to take a short break in speaking about the presentations and outline the mistakes that were made.

Understand that this was across the table over lunch being served (Large group and serving took a while) They were discussing services exceeding $1,000 per month. Probably one of the most political accounts in town.

1. It was not the right place to have this discussion. Make an appointment at the customer site or at your office. Not in front of others, especially when you do not know who is around

2. Take a moment and actually listen to the customer. All this customer wanted to do is understand what kind of contract they were in. (This was a new manager and not from the area) Explore options. Hey, he may end up purchasing other things if he understood what you did?

3. Don't tell the customer what you can'/won't do. (Especially if you don't listen to them)

4. Watch the attitude. Short and snobby answers won't get you anywhere.

5. Be professional. Choose your words.

I would have loved to lean over the their customer and tell him that there are options in the area other than these folks. (Hey, I might later, this was not the place)

Back to the presentation. I choose to not have them do introductions. I like to have the shock and awe factor. I had a full 40 minutes this time so I could give my full presentation on technology. This presentation went the best, knocked it out of the park. There were lots of people who came up afterwards and judging from the engagement of the crowd I had every one's attention from the beginning until the end. What a rush. Sounds like I will be going back with asks to do this a couple more times in front of other groups.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

e-rate then to Garden City

We gave a bit of a different presentation in Hays to a group of schools. I will leave the boring details out. Darren did his usual great job of presenting and Loren closed it out.

One thing that remains consistent is that it seems that when you present to schools you get almost no response from the crowd. If you would have ask me about how it went when I was done, I would have said that I really did not engage the crowd at all. However judging from the amount of people who hung around afterwards and spoke one on one with us I would say it was a success. Who knew.

Well, off to Garden City.

Monday, November 21, 2011

On the road again

Back on the road on the road (yea, I am catching up) We had another busy week. (Realize that the last several posts were on delay) We had an e-rate event on Tuesday, traveled to Garden City Tuesday night, Up for a Chamber event at 7 in Garden City, then travel to Dodge City for Luch Chamber presentation then home. Thursday back on the road to Salina for the final e-rate meeting.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 7 IT Nation (And final Day)

Up early to the airport. Unfortunately I had to go from Orlando to Houston to Denver then to Hays.

The Airport was as usual busy. However security went quickly and even the wait for the plane was quick. The trip to Houston was made eventful with Payne sitting next to me. Payne was sitting on her mothers lap and she was 8 months old. She was not happy about the flight. So 2 hours of consistent attention from the mother. The iPad kept her busy for a little while. Meanwhile the 3 year old behind me maintained kicking my chair for about an hour.

The trip from Houston to Denver was one of the roughest I have had in a larger plane. After landing two people rushed to the bathroom to empty their stomach contents.

Last was the flight to Hays which I was dreading due to the previous rough flight. This flight was about an hour delayed. However no turbulence. It was me and three pilots. I was surely covered.

GREAT to be home.