Thursday, March 8, 2012


Jenifer and I go down stairs Monday night to watch some of our DVR shows. To my surprise the TV will not come on. My 62" projector TV's HDMI Port went bad. (If your interested in a cheap big screen TV that everything works but the HDMI port, give me a call!)

So I began my search for a new TV. I checked all the local stores and I even made Mark take me by a place in Great Bend to check out some of their stores. Nothing I was looking for. All I needed was a large TV with an HDMI port and I really didn't need a slim TV.

So I found what I wanted on Amazon. A 73" DLP Projection TV for a reasonable amount including Shipping.

I usually try and buy local. This time I could not find what I was looking for. Tomorrow I will update you on how great the customer service has been so far.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looks like the iPad 3 will be out tomorrow

So the question is, will I be buying it? Not this time. Sure, it is going to have a faster processor and a higher resolution screen. I can live without both.

I am holding out hope that Ice Cream Sandwich will make the Android everything I want. Google released its new store and it looks nice.

We will see...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cyber Security scaring the "Heck" out of me.

This title from 60 Minutes discusses how a "Virus" was written to seriously disable the Iranian nuclear factories.

Quotes like "The next Pearl Harbor will be a Cyber Attack" "We use cyber weapons to create physical destruction" "We will suffer a catastrophic attack. The clock is ticking!"

Then I deal with businesses every day that don't believe they are a possible target. Attackers will go after single computers, networks or even your cell phone. It is coming. Take it a step further and think about this. Many new cars come with things like OnStar. You have a computer that controls key systems including ignition, navigation and more. This computer is connected to other computers at that manufacturers location. That could equal a significant threat?

Recently I saw a top ten list of threats for 2012. One of the top items were viruses that had been patched by Windows over 3 years ago. People were not patching their computers and this could cause significant threats.

Even the most basic practices can go a long way. Making you more secure than your neighbor. This makes them the best and easiest target.

If it hasn't happened yet. It will.