Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jenifer is Driving me Crazy!

More specifically, her driving drives me crazy. Even her back seat driving is bad! A couple of weeks ago when we were on vacation she had so many words for me about driving in the city. The "Virtual" passenger brakes were worn out! The reality is in the big city you have to be aggressive or you will never get there.

Anyway, back to her driving. When turning right she goes into the far left lane. When turning left, she goes to the far right lane. Blinkers? Never hear of them! Lets not even talk about what happened to the rims on the Tahoe?

Well, I am sure after this post I will get a little back seat driving!

So what is the business link?

It is all about taking criticism. Do you learn when people try and help make you better? Or do you get defensive and attack? I will let you know what Jenifer does!

PS We have 6 hours worth of driving on Sat. (Which I will have to drive while she sleeps) I am sure to find some criticism then!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mad Skills Jenifer?

Remembering peoples names is one skill that Jenifer has that I wish I did. She remembers their name, kids names and other. Me, I cannot remember what I did this morning none the less peoples names. I do play the association game with names and that helps some.

Many times she has helped me out in public situations knowing that I have no idea what that persons name is, she will lead with their name to bail me out.

Maybe I do need her around me all day.

In sales, remembering peoples name can be a huge advantage.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jenifer is a Hoarder!

OK, that got her attention. If anything she is the opposite. She is always on me to throw (Valuable Stuff) away. Everything from paperwork and cables to stuff in the attic. I cannot keep anything. An example is the newspaper. Here in Hays, we get the paper in the evenings usually before 5. However the moment I have a chance to sit down, she is asking if I am done with the paper, she is going to throw it away!

I have two drawers that are my “Junk area” When we used to live in a smaller house, I had 2 rooms! I would suggest that Junk is relative. Jenifer has a whole room of “Decorating Goods” she stores all year for each season. We have more than four at our house!

1. Fourth of July
2. Summer
3. Fall
4. Thanksgiving
5. Winter
6. Christmas
7. Winter after Christmas
8. Easter
9. Spring

I am sure I am missing some.

Anyway, I am going to have to start storing stuff in my car just so she does not throw it away!

So, what is the business lesson here? Well at the first of the year, I went all digital at the office. At first some people thought I was clearing out my office. I had to reassure them I was not leaving. So check my drawers in my desk. Pretty much nothing. I have about 5 folders.

1. Inventory (Could be digital, that is a new goal)
2. Credit card receipts (have to keep them somewhere and they clear out monthly)
3. Old reviews. (No reason I could not scan them)
4. Marketing prints (Really want to keep them, this is how they are delivered to customers)
5. Some bound proposals that were large. I use them as training examples

That is it! Otherwise I have some give-aways that we use in sales. Flash drives and such.

I have not missed the paper at all. I find myself throwing away quite a bit of paper. Many meetings I go to they give me handouts. I ask for the digital version which most have no problem giving and then I store it in my laptop. If anything, I am more organized. I know that I have it on my laptop and I am more diligent on making sure I stick with my filing system. I have been real particular about backing up my laptop now that it holds pretty much my entire work life.

So I am now “Green Certified” at work. Jenifer, here is my thought! We will use digital signage (That is those HD TV screens you see in businesses advertising their wares) at the house. I will hang 15 to 20 screens and instead of getting out your totes of “Decorating Goods” we will just change the display season. In addition, when the games are on, I can just put them on every screen! That way we will be Green at home!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jenifer wanted everyone to know how great I am.

OK, that is not exactly what she said.

I played Mr. Mom today and stayed home with Carsen today (He was Ill) We had a great time. Guitar Hero (His favorite), Lego's, games, coloring, Movies and more. I even did house work in between duties.

I do want to point out that everyone knows how long we have been back from vacation. Jenifer has not cooked once! I am some catch! I hope she enjoyed her massage (by heavenly bodies see and the movie is good tonight (That stupid Edward)

Anyway, I think she complained about a pea under her matress last night!

(Oh fine, she is worth it)

Jenifer the verdict is in!

First of all, most do NOT find me boring. Second they want to have me blog about you! (Then some requested that I post your responses, that is up to you)

I figure, I have to start real positive or else this could be a long week. So lets start at the easy stuff.

Jenifer is; (In no particular order)

A great Wife
A great Mother
Our family accountant
Our family insurance agent
Our family rock
Our family organizer
Our family planner

You may ask what my duties are. Well, I am the help. (blue collar)

I have decided that I should add some business links in these posts also.
Really, every business needs a Jenifer. Someone you can count on to get it done, right and on budget. You need someone that is reliable and consistent. They may not be that business development person or that public face, they are the coordinator that holds the whole thing together.

Jenifer keeps me grounded. Trust me, if it wasn't for her, I would be all over the place.

So, like I said, I started in a good way. I will post a picture of Jenifer every day for the next 7 days. This will be hard since she does not take many pictures.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Am I boring?

Jenifer (MY WIFE) says my blog is "Boring" In that case STOP READING IT!

Anyway, taking cues from her, I have recently been bombarded by BORING marketing.

You know.

Download our free white paper (Why, who cares, what makes you an expert to write a white paper)

Attend our "what ever" and earn a chance to win an i (Pad, phone, pod) If I really wanted one I would have it, if your content was interesting or on topic I would attend.

Tune in to our "What ever" Most have some boring title like how to sell more, make more money, market better. Most that I have attended were selling something and deliver little value

So you say, how would you do it? Provide value. Make the presentation 15-25 min. NOT 1-2 hours or more. Give the value up front! BE a little weird, make it interesting and entertaining. Start on time, that drives me crazy, we are going to wait to start for the late arriver? Maybe I should be late. Make some points that I can remember. 1-5, top ten, make it clear. Give me a takeaway. Make it fast paced. I have a short attention span. Tease me, then if your information is pertinant to me, show me where to go to get deep!

OK a bit of a rant today. Probably a boring one. However, it does not take me two hours to get groceries a week (How boring)...Will pay for that comment later.

If I get enough comments, I will be glad to blog about Jenifer for one week. I am sure she will find that interesting!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It is number one!

Remember a couple of weeks ago I was suggestion that you read Delivering Happiness? Well now you will be with good company, it is number one on the NY Times best seller list.

Pick up a copy, I guarantee you will find something to think differently about!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pre-conceived notions?

Have you had pre conceived notions about customers? You base them on the age of their existing technology, building or other things?

Recently I have seen quite a few sales missed due to that thought that the customer will never spend the money. I think this is due to the economy the way it has been. Customers pricing things for budget and not spending the money. However, things are changing and if you are easily giving up on opportunities then you may miss many opportunities.

Next time you are giving up, ask if you have completed all the sales process.