Friday, January 29, 2010

My bad experience at the store. (Updated)

So I have removed my comment and the store has done an amazing job of communicating. I actually recieved a comment from the person that helped me. To be honest I am shocked.

Why did I remove the post? I do not want the comment to reflect on the young person that helped me and I really respect someone who would take the time to respond.

I hope this gets back to that person and want to let them know that I will be a loyal customer and plan to come back time and time again. For the first time that I can remember a company paid attention to their customer service surveys and actually put the information in the hands of somone that could do somthing about it.

Well done.

Sorry that it happened this way...Maybe I have learned a little somthing about jumping to conculsions

I also would like you to see the comment that was left. It was very professionally written.

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Hi, this is (Ammended to protect the name), and I'm actually the associate to whom you are referring to in your post. First off, I just have to say that I do not believe that the entire store is at fault - it's just me. You stated that several people in our store were friendly to you. I'm the one who apparently did this, so I should be redeeming myself.

I do not recall this event happening, but obviously it did since you wrote about it. I just find it very hard to believe that you came into the department, and I didn't say a WORD to you. If you have ever worked in a retail setting, you know that it is seriously impossible to not say a word to a customer. When you mentioned that I handed you the box without saying anything, or acting as if I was bothered by you checking out at the register, it's just hard for me to believe I'd do something like that.

I don't remember when this took place, but it doesn't matter because the point of this is that it happened, and it shouldn't have.

I would like to extend an apology to you for what has happened over the internet(yes, I know, not the best). The only way I can see that would be appropriate for me to redeem myself would be for you to come into the store at your own convenience and I will give you the customer service you should have received from me the very first time. It's the only thing I can think of. If not, I hope you can accept my apology. I have worked in retail for a long while, and I haven't done this to anyone, and for that I apologize that you were the one who I did that to. I feel that every customer should be treated with the utmost respect and always be put first.

Happy birthday to Tammy.

So I was nice and did not call Tammy at 12:01 AM. What did I get? A 5:30 AM wakeup call. Learned my lesson. I will call next time.

Happy birthday to Tammy.

So I was nice and did not call Tammy at 12:01 AM. What did I get? A 5:30 AM wakeup call. Learned my lesson. I will call next time.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So....Lets talk about this

And Tammy Says "The Etta James melody lingered in my mind as I casually strolled into work this Wednesday morning, wearing my jeans and running much (much) later than usual. I didn't have any worries today because my boss is attending a conference. It's about time we get a much needed break from him! Lately, the pace has been incredible, and our boss has really applied the pressure - it's becoming pretty unbearable and his tiresome droll is really wearing on all of our nerves (not just me, I can assure you!) It was so enjoyable to sip on my coffee, sitting at various desks and catching up on office gossip. Heck, by the time I made my rounds, it was already time to take my 2-hour-plus lunch! I'm a huge believer in some veg time to re-energize, but it's hard to do so with "Mr. Let's-Walk-Around-Acting-Important" lurking nearby. At least I have two more days this week before he returns. I already dread Monday, having to pretend I'm actually interested in the new ideas he is sure to tell us all about - over...and over...and over..."

So few times to people actually understand that they are slackers. It is great to know that some of them do understand it...

I will be calling Tammy tonight at after 12 to wish her a Happy birthday. I am sure we can discuss this also...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lookinging forward to Vacation

It will be a while. We are going in June. Anyway we are staying at Anger Management. See

You say; Steve, but you are going to Vegas in the next month! To be honest, it is no vacation. I will be working from the time I hit the ground till the night when I get back to Hays. The good thing is that with the time difference, I get to sleep in a bit. The bad news is that I have to make sure that the phone is on silant. Otherwise, Jenifer starts calling at 5:45AM or so. The work calls start at 6am (West coast time)

Anyway, I look forward to time at the beach. One week of nothing planned. Maybe a round of golf, lots of pool time and the rest of the time at the beach. I will send updates then!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Next Lenovo update

The size of this thing is GREAT! You can see in the photo's that it is real thin, nice use of ports and the screen, while VERY thin has good structure. I tend to pick up laptops by the screen (Big NO NO). Yet it does not flex. That is a 9Volt battery next to the laptop to compare thickness

The sound is very good also. On my Xseries, I could not hear the speakers, now I have to turn them down. Sure, they are not going to have the Bass to knock your socks off. They are good to hear voices and other PC sounds.

I have struggled with the touch pad. I tend to use the touch point (The orange dot in the middle of the keyboard) Where my thumb sits tends to activate the touch pad. This has caused things to resize. IE pictures and explorer windows change their percent view. I just have to get used to that.

I do like the texture of the touch pad. It works more accurately and is simple.

Wireless is very strong. I pick up signals in my office of other AP's that I never did before with many other units. While I have not traveled much with this yet, I will let you know.

More to come in the future on this unit.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lenovo Laptop Update

So I have had the laptop for several weeks now and here is one update on that experience. I want to talk about the travel power supply.

First the good
1. It is small. Smaller than the previous version. It is a little larger than a deck of cards. Thinner than that.

2. It powers your accessories on top of the Laptop. It will run USB devices, cell phones and more with interchangeable tips.

3. It will work with the car adapter or home.

4. It will power your Lenovo Net book (Comes with that power adapter that is different than your Lenovo laptop) One supply runs multiple laptops. Not at the same time.

5. Comes with a nice bag to put it in

6. Comes with Velcro ties that will make it easier to store.

OK now the bad.

1. Look at the picture of the mess of wires. Could it not have less wires to do this. Starting at one end. You have the 110 Power cord that plugs into the "Brick" then the cord that comes out of that plugs into a Y to split the cord. Then on one side of the Y is the USB adapter (Could be a cell phone plug or like I have done plugged my cell phone cord into it) On the other side is the cable that goes to the end that plugs into the laptop. All together I am betting there is 8' of cord?

2. Why the Y? Could they not just put 2 outputs on the brick? This would eliminate one extra piece and one less piece to lose.

3. The plug that goes into the laptop is about 2.5" long. So if you catch it on something it would damage the plug or more importantly the laptop. Good concept of interchangeable plugs. How about them being shorter?

4. It is expensive.

Over all, it is an improvement over many competitors. I never understood why you could produce a ultra slim laptop then have a power supply that was the size of the laptop. Lenovo has done a good job of reducing the size.