Thursday, February 16, 2023

Presenting IV

Styles. In the past I have been a fan of lots of slides, don't cover all the items on the slides, have them as reminders of your information and then keep the pace fast. Recently I have been exploring the no slide option. Definitely is more on memory and story but you sure can connect with the audience. Walk through the crowd, get more eye contact and so on. I will let you know how it goes. First trial of this will be in March. I am calling it the "Choose your own journey" I had that thought up several years ago but within the last several months discovered one presenter (Gordon McKenzie) So far it is the only example of this style I have seen.

Quick break from presenting - when you are at the top?

Yep, probably going to be not as authentic as I would like to be on what is going through my head but anyway. Recently as I have continued down my own leadership journey this idea of Boss versus Leader has come back up but in a bit of a different way. When you are trying to lead but a person you are trying to lead moves from team member to bully. (OK maybe bully isn't quite the right word) but they either are trying to take advantage of you or their self awareness is not great. So they don't understand that their actions are the cause of their problems. (Being on time, communicating clearly, setting expectations and so on) So you have to move from leader to boss. Way more direct. This is the expectation and I will hold you to that. No more BS. Here are clear and not to be messed with expectations. Maybe you lead and provide coaching right up until your trust is broken then boss must come out? Then on another front I recently was dealing with a situation where either empathy and trust could be deployed or distrust and strict enforcement (Plus a little Boss/title) ultimately ruled with an iron fist. Hope I don't lose my empathy through the boss situations over time.