Monday, January 14, 2013

She won't admit it but she loves it!

Had an opportunity to upgrade Jenifer's cell phone for no early penalty. I jumped at the chance and considered going to an iPhone 4s but decided to go to a iPhone 5. She uses it quite a lot and will have it for several years. So the extra $'s over the term amount to very little.

Her first real opportunity to use the phone was Saturday morning on our way to Greatbend Kansas. Her remark was how fast it was on internet. Sure her old Droid was not that much different specifications wise, however there seems to be something different on how the iPhone processes internet.

I really like the new connector. Easy to put in, works both ways and is simple. Sure it does not work on our old connectors that we have everywhere. That is the price you pay for progress.

I think the real benefit that Jenifer has is she seems to find a way to tell everyone that she has a better phone than me. (I have a 4s)