Saturday, June 20, 2009

The RAVE update

So it went on and we hear nothing? Don't get me wrong, there were lots of people there, as far as I understand it was a complete success. However I never heard anything from the attendees, music or other.

Still there are people who look for problems. According to one neighbor it was completely disruptive and problems were everywhere. I spoke to the neighbors directly next to the party. They heard nothing. Yet some how the neighbors down the street could hear it all.

It seems like in work and at home there are people who look for trouble. Negative attitude and their lives hinge on conflict. It is too bad. Maybe I will have to host the next RAVE but make it the way it should be "LOUD" At least people will not have to look for problems.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter, Texting, Blogging changing the world?

Well up to a week or so ago I would have said no. However you look at the recent election in Iraq and see how the people are reaching out to each other and the rest of the world through these networking tools and I have changed my mind.

Sure the (Iraq) government is trying to shut down the communication but it is finding that it is impossible. It is almost impossible to shut down satellite, cell phone, Internet and all other means of communications in today's world. If you think about it, these new ways of communications may be more powerful than any other tool in the freedom arsenal. Freedom of speech is a basic right that most of us take for granted. Writing this blog is just a small example. Think if the only communication you were allowed to see was the state run TV station, Newspaper and magazine.

The question then becomes can you Tweet your way to freedom?

Sure, I am in technology and never thought it would change the world in a fundamental way. I was wrong.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


So the neighborhood is rockin tonight. The boy across the street is having a rave with around 100 attendees. (No drugs, or other)

I think it is great that his parents are helping make this happen. I can imagine asking my parents if I could invite a few hundred of my closest friends over for a party.

Better it happen at your house than anywhere else.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He said that she said that so and so said you did...

It kinda reminds me of High School. However this goes on in the business place all the time. It seems really simple that if someone gives you this story to ask for the source and if they wont give it to you than ignore this person. OH WAIT it is that easy!

People do stuff like this to stir up trouble all the time. Ignoring it is what will cause this person the most grief. They want you to over react!

Besides, people can have opinions that are different to you. In fact they can even not like you. It is ok. If every one likes you, you are either fake or you only know 1 person.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"It Aint how hard you can hit, it is how hard you can get hit"

First person to comment on who said this wins...OK nothing.

Anyway I was thinking how this applies to business and sales.

Sales gets no's all day. From technical teams, customers and others. Yet continuing to get up, be positive and keep going is what makes you successful. In business taking hits can come in many ways. Financial, employees and the market. Still being prepared, training for these hits will make you be able to absorb more hits than your competition.

Went and saw Plan B the Band (Here you go Kris, a little shameless promotion)

Anyway really enjoyed their music last night at the Ellis Riverfest. They played all their music very well and excelled at Tom Petty, ZZ Top and even Michael Jackson (Who knew) I even give props to their sound man. He made continual adjustments and the sound got better as the night went on. (No, I was not drinking)

I would book this band for any event you need music. That is if you can afford what I would only expect as a 6 plus digit booking fee. This along with their strange backstage requests.

1. Kris requires a multitude of hat choices to change between sets.
2. The band only wants Green M&M' in the dressing rooms.
3. Beer that has been chilled to 28 degrees and never touched human hands.
4. Girls deliver cold drinks during sets (At least they bring their own girls)
5. Dressing rooms that have proper Fun Shui as pre determined by their own on staff expert.

And if you can manage all the above then you have to deal with the traditional motel room destruction costs.

Each member has there own lavish lifestyle that they require.

Patrick owns more cars than most of us own dinner plates ( He has so many cars it is refereed to as a city.

Jeff sells his cars so often you probably won't know day to day which car you would see him in.

Kris goes dates so many women you will never see him with the same one. And not to add his continued legal costs in dealing with the law!

And these are just the members I know! It is a true band when you tatoo costs exceed your food costs.

Loved the experience and look forward to the next gig! (Does that make me a groupie?, na I didn't throw my underwear on stage)