Friday, December 19, 2008

Followup to Embarrasing!

Made the sale.

Contacted the customer, they thought it went fine? As usual I was hard on myself. However I do feel this is what makes some people great.

Anyway, customer saw the changes and was happy. Go figure...

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yep that what I was of myself...

Went to give a presentation to a City tonight at 7:30. Before I went there was a sales presentation on swimming pool liners. First of all the presenter could not get the projector to work. Then he showed a canned presentation. At no time showing the value of the solution. The competitive advantage or value of the company represented. Then ended without asking for the order.

Then I was up after another quick bit of business. I started off well. Then one particular point that I should have been prepared for was hit. My response was unspecific, I was unprepared and was destroyed. So I will spend tomorrow morning providing a specific answer, details and really working up hill.

I should be prepared for such things. I will be honest I was embarrased of my own selling.

It will not happen again.

It is a whole new level of

COLD for this year. Woke up to -3 today. Sure, Brad in Duluth is wearing shorts on such a hot day. But for me it is the first really cold day of the year. The wind chill in well into the -teens and highs are in the teens. It really makes you wonder how people survived in the past without all the conveniences we have today. Even further how wild life manages to stay alive.

It really comes down to not knowing the difference. People in the past just took this kind of weather in stride. Preparing for it, insulating their home however they could and building a big fire. Sure, they limited thier exposure to the outdoors. They just knew how to deal with it.

In some strange way I think success is similar. People prepare for it, expect it and if somthing gets in there way they are ready for it.