Thursday, March 17, 2011

Changing Times

First of all the time change has been easy so far until this morning. I get up an hour earlier on Thursdays to go to Breakfast Rotary. This morning it feels really early.

So today is St. Patricks day and everything is green. Wear green, beer is green and people pinching you if you do not have green. One thing that I usually mark today with is the fact that the yards start turning green. Not sure why this winter felt really long but I am ready for spring.

In sales, business and life you have to make it through the dreary tough times for the green times (Money, happiness or more). Sometimes you may think that it is never coming. Keep your goals focused, you time managed and eye on the prize. Spring will eventually come.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am all out of run?

That is what Carsen had to say at the end of Soccer practice Monday. And to be honest, I was all out of run also! The difference between 5 year olds and almost 7 year olds is quite a bit. Carsen is definitely getting it though. He just enjoys being with other boys and making goals.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is your car pulling to the left?

Maybe it needs aligned
Maybe it has a balance problem with the tires.

Maybe it has Liberal tendencies?

Heard that on a commercial today. That one got my attention. Guess what station I was listening to.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes it is the little things

So I stay in a few Hotel/Motels a year. It is not to the extreme but I get to see a variety of rooms. Recently we stayed in a In for Holiday (I am sure you can figure it out) Anyway, it was the little things in the room that made the big difference.

The shower curtain was not long enough so a lot of water ran on the floor. Either lower the shower curtain rod or get a longer curtain. This has to cause extra cleaning every day.

Every time you flush the toilet it made a horrendous squeal. (I was with the family so when the boys got up to use it in the night, the squeal would wake me up.) When the room gets cleaned, the housekeeper would have to hear that noise. Get it right.

When I went to charge the phone and such, the outlets were so worn out that you could not keep anything plugged in. Again, when house keeping vacuumed the room, they would have to have the same problem.

The TV did not work. I do not mean the TV itself, rather cable was out. Go figure during tournament time. Many times I realize that the facility cannot control services. By itself probably not that big a deal. With everything else it was just part of the experience.

The soda machines on the main floor were all out of service. So I went next door to the LJS (Long John Silvers) to get a drink. Go figure, here is a guy watching the game (He was very friendly) I give you one guess where he was staying.

But hey, the internee worked. Thank goodness for Slingbox. Carsen watched TV on his iPad!