Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is it really worth IT?

I was thinking further on yesterdays post having to do with retail sales. Is it worth being open a 5am to sell some deals on the day after Thanksgiving? Being open late on the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas? This along with so many other things like 24X7 stores and ez shops?

There are people giving up family life and so many other things for this to happen. Sure, it creates jobs but at what cost? It really isn't necessary for me to go shopping at 3am at the cost of some ones family. I am sure this is reaching however was this what started the destruction of family? It sure couldn't help. All for the $. Makes me sad.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Remembering the old days.

Today I was out driving my toy and I went by Walmart, Homedepo, The Mall and other retail chains. While you could not pay me to go to these locations till after the first of the year, I did see the amount of traffic, cars, people and things going on.

This brought me back to my days of managing a Radio Shack. It all started the end of October, but really got going Thanksgiving week. Wednesday that week trying to get out as soon as possible, driving home (3 hours) and getting in after dark (8-10pm) spending half a day with family, then driving back Thursday night for the 5AM store meeting/sign postings with an opening around 6am. Being completely slammed, barley eating (Something you could probably not see in me today) then repeating it over the next day.

Then Christmas. Working Christmas eve trying to leave for home around 3. Spending Christmas day with Family and driving home that night for early opening the day after. Busier than before Christmas and doing inventory on the 1st.

To be honest I dreaded the holidays. Sure, commissions increased significantly but so did the headaches. Customers were grumpy, more employees (Part timers) and people not showing up. Trying to get inventory out, dealing with defective products, on and on. For the 8 years or so I did that, it really ruined the holidays. Not so any more. Two weeks off, kids excitement of Santa coming, friends and family and people in the job I have now are happy. They enjoy similar experience.

So what am I saying? Well our brethren in retail sales are sales people also. While some of the worst sales people I have ever met were in retail, some of the best were found their also. I learned all my core skills there. So simply, give them a break. Be nice when the experience is tense, give people the opportunity to make it right. I know I wanted to do everything I could do for a customer, sometimes due to the amount of traffic and other factors I was not able to give the attention I should have. Here is thinking of those who help us make our gift giving the best it could be.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am an Uncle (And no, not a Monkey's Uncle)

Congratulations to my sister Michelle and her husband Jeremy on their first child Parker. She will make a great mother. I look forward to the transition to motherhood. She is the one that told me that children will not change her life. I think that has already happened!

Michelle and I are 7 years apart in age. Maybe for the first time we are able to relate. In the past she was in Grade school, I was in High School. She was in Middle school, I was in College. She was in High School, I was starting a career. She was in College, I was getting Married. She was starting a career, I was having kids. Anyway, she is in family life and I am also. I will update everyone on this.

We are going to go see Parker after the first of the year and look forward to that!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Had great expectations on getting things done.

SO spent today putting together Cadens bike (From Santa) and Bubba's 4 wheeler. Anyway, finished the bike in a couple of hours. Good thing I am not paying myself by the hour. Went and put air in the tires and noticed I put one wheel on the wrong direction (They were directional rims) Meanwhile, Jen and I had lunch and during lunch we heard an explosion. We could not find what had fallen off the wall.

After lunch I went to bring the bike in and put the tire on the right direction when I found the issue. The tube exploded... Good to know at least what the sound was. So,,,Off to Walmart, then dismount the tire that was on right (Couldn't have been the one that was on wrong) put the new tube in and inflate, fix the wheel on wrong, adjust the brakes and it is all good. Only 5 hours! 4 wheeler only took an hour. I would have made a terrible elf.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On vacation and will be posting on such.

So I am on vacation pretty much till January 5th. I will be updating the blog on non business things mostly the next couple of weeks.