Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sure is great to be home.

Pretty much travel all day today. I did have a chance to go over my presentation for next week with Tammy. I think it still needs some review however it is MUCH closer than it was.

So to review my week, there were many new things this week.

1. I learned that in Australia their expenses are high. (From Fuzzy)
2. Alligator still tastes good.
3. TaaS is becoming more up front in the VAR world.
4. Lego Land is HUGE
5. For many VAR's (Value Added Resellers) flat is the new growth.
6. Cash is king
7. Kangaroo kinda tastes like liver (However I am told by Fuzzy that it was cooked wrong)
8. It takes 12 hours of flight to get to Flordia from the UK
9. It takes 17 hours and you loose a day from Australia.
10. Tammy turns green after a launch to Mars in EPCOT
11. Many new things to utilize ConnectWise and QuoteWerks
12. Travel wears me out (I already knew that)
13. Ricky only dances when drinking.
14. Costa Rico is not Porto Rico.
15. Erin is not Kathy
16. Cuban food is great.
17. And much much more.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Homeward Bound

On my way home today. A full day in the air.

Had a great time in Orlando and look forward to seeing the boys and my own bed. As always at these events it is up early and to bed late.

This event I had a great time connecting with many new companies and vendors and look forward to following up with them next week.

Next week will be a full week. I have a Market Place presentation (SMB Businesses), PEERI and II meet, we have Toshiba in town, many meetings and catchup from this week. It will be important to keep focused on what I learned this week and not just get back with no change.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exhausted, White, Billy Ocean and Opportunity everywhere.

I would have to say that facilitating HTG 3 is one of the most difficult things I do. Not that it is the members of HTG3 that are causing this, rather the effort, engagement and challenge of keeping all of these business owners on a a topic, providing value and moving things forward. I will get better and enjoy the challenge. It is definitely a personal growth opportunity.

Tammy learned a lesson yesterday. When they greet you and ask more intense or less intense at EPCOT you may want to ask a question like; What kind of ride is it? Define intense? Or other defining questions. I will guarntee that she will NOT make this mistake again. Hopefully today she has her color back. And as always, I am more than willing to share to pictures.

We did have an opportunity (We; Tammy, myself, Ricky and Becky (Ricky's wife)) to see Billy Ocean. He was really good. Just incase you do not know who this is? He sings Caribbean Queen, Suddenly and more. He rocked.

And as always, there are so many opportunities to connect at the HTG event. From new vendors to reconnecting with existing ones. I enjoyed sitting through Sonicwalls event titled "Why is Steve Riat Smiling" It was definitely flattering.

So HTG is now over and on to ConnectWise.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a great first day of HTG

Like usual it was an intense day of meetings. (QBR) Quarterly Business Review to just simple introduction to new members I learned so much. It is definitely clear that the economy is impacting everyone in some way. This is the time to really leverage the relationships and make sure that you are getting maximum value out of everything you do.

We had a good lunch with MX Logic. These guys really got it. They had a very scary presentation from the amount of spam produced (I believe yesterdays number was like 87% of all email was spam. It has been higher at 92%.) And many statistics on the amount of threats out there. Really educational and gave me something to execute on.

Dinner was at a great seafood restaurant. Great time getting reacquainted with old members and finding out about the new members.

Afterwords, Tammy had to do a little more shopping. We did find out about Dylan's Lego Love and I found Caden's picture of heaven. All pictured above.
I look forward to another great day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So much going on!

So first, congratulations to Mark St.Peter on his third boy. Visit for pictures, and I am sure he will keep us updated.

Second, Happy birthday to my wife Jenifer. I hope your day goes well!

I write this from Orlando where the HTG event is starting today. Well that is not exactly true, it started yesterday evening with some meetings and just getting caught up. Like always, to bed at 2 and up at 6:30. I had a chance to meet some of our new members last night and will meet the rest today. It is a time of building relationships and making HTG3 what we want it to be.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little somthing for Sara

How to freeze pancakes! (Yes it is an inside joke)

Taking off

Today to go to Orlando. As usual I can't wait yet don't want to go.

I don't want to go because it is going to be beautiful weather this week in Kansas and would have a chance to play outside with the boys. It is also Jenifer's birthday on Monday.

Can't wait to catch up with the HTG group, get energized for what is remaining of the year and hopefully SWIPE some great ideas to bring back to Kansas.

I know it will be a BUSY week. Up early and to bed late. This week works out great because the time change actually makes it exactly the same as Kansas was last week. An example of how busy it will be, just look at today. Flight leaves at 8, we get into Orlando at 4 (If everything works great) then enough time to get my ironing done then to dinner, and a 7pm meeting. Hopefully somewhere after the 7pm meeting I will get a chance to meet up with some of the vendors that are presenting at our groups meeting and meet the new members of HTG3. Either way, I am sure it will be a late evening.