Thursday, November 18, 2021

Number one thing to building a successful team?

Ok at least in the areas I deal is confidence. The confidence to do the right thing, to activate without having to ask permission. (Sometimes a wrong decision is better than a delayed or no decision) Another way I have seen this put is that people with FU equity are some of the most powerful. They are doing the job because they like to do it, or it is the right thing for the customer. Not the money or security. Ultimately if you build trust with your team that you have their back they will out perform those who are simply there to collect a paycheck.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The best over time?

I have a friend and coworker that I have been working with for 25 years and recently we have been traveling together. I am thankful for so much in this relationship but here are the quick ones. 1. He keeps it simple 2. No drama 3. Ability to handle almost any situation 4. Blending into any enviornment 5. Able to have fun 6. Consistent OK not mind blowing but sometimes you appreciate the simple things in life like a good friend.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Business Lessons from Facilitating and interacting with businesses around the globe

Can it really be that simple? A question I was ask earlier this month. Well...Yes. What I have seen is the most successful businesses simply execute on business objectives using proven methods. OK you say proven business objectives? In the peer groups you see others execute or you see Subject Matter Experts come in and present how they were successful. The successful businesses follow their method (And let me be clear, pretty much exactly) The opposite is what I see more often. 1. Businesses that are too busy to be successful - They just keep doing the same thing with the same results. 2. They take the template and think they know better and take short cuts or change it in some way then not creating the same successful results 3. Looking for silver bulets. Something easy that knocks down all the problems. Most of the time this is not something you can find 4. Don't stick with it long enough. Many times getting a business flywheel rolling it takes at least a quarter if not a year. Recently I heard a presentation that said (Abbreviated) Take care of your customers, charge well and make it simple. That is success. Remember your business is perfectly organized to produce the results it is producing today.