Friday, March 25, 2011


I was doing some reading last night (Way past my bedtime) and an article about Facebook stuck in my mind. The ways that the police are using Facebook to catch criminals. From gang members posting about their crimes to people committing fraud by claiming to be disabled then posting a picture of them running on their Facebook page.

I linked this blog to Facebook so that when I post a new entry my "Friends" would be notified and felt a bit weird like I was posting everything to the world (Even though it already is). Knowing that you post and it is out there forever definitely makes you think before putting it out there.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Did some training yesterday covering many aspects of leadership. One thing that really came out of the training is the many different aspects to leadership and what it takes to become a rounded leader. In some way it is very similar to being a dad. (Sure, both are leaders) You are constantly making mistakes and trying to get better, and you probably never are never done learning.

One thing that stood out is we were ask to identify leaders we admired or had shaped up in the past. The one trait at our table that was similar is this person was very hard on us and set goals that were almost impossible for us to achieve. Ultimately we admired the people who wanted the most out of us.

Are you challenging those around you to get the most out of themselves?

Monday, March 21, 2011

It was a great weekend.

Carsen had his family birthday party, His Grandmas and Grandpa's were all here along with his Aunt Michelle and Uncle Jeremy and don't forget Parker. It was great having the kids running around playing and having a good time. One gift Carsen spent at least two hours on Sunday was the Michael Jackson Wii game. I will have to post some video!

Kansas weather can be cruel this time of year. Cool on Saturday and hot on Sunday. We spent most of the day Sunday outside playing, washing cars and yard work. I took a quick peek at next weekends weather and it is supposed to be cool. Darn you weather!