Friday, June 27, 2008

Off to watch Josh get married

Well going to Josh's wedding this Sat. For you that don't know who Josh is, he is my brother in law. (Jenifer's younger brother). In some ways he is kinda like a little brother to me. When I first met him he was in Jr High. I drove him to his first date. I through him around behind my boat, he worked at Nex-Tech. Heck, he even still uses one of my shotguns.

It has been an interesting 12+ years with Josh. He has met a woman that must be very tolerant. In fact, I think she understands his maturity. She is a kindergarten teacher!

Well, good luck to you in the future. You are one of the hardest workers I have ever met. One of the few Millennial (SP) that I can say that about. Not afraid to try new things, get your hands dirty and flat get it done. I miss your help around Hays.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Selling washing machines?

My wife Jenifer has wanted a new washing machine for probably 5 years. I will be honest, this was about as exciting as buying a minivan that we had until the first of the year. Sure, we need it but it is not real exciting to me! I figured that a new (Cool) washing machine was kinda like a new tools to my wife.

So, we went an looked at the machines. Ours was 10 plus years old and lets face it, a lot of things have changed in 10 years. (Like number of people in our house doubled). I went to three places to look. I am not buying from Home Depot, service was most important and I have not had the best of luck their. I went to Horizon (My favorite). They had a couple of units to look at, knowledgeable people (Terry) and a clean show room. They had it in stock, installation was included in their price and all the hoses and other was built in.

I had to look at Sears, we bought all of our new appliances there when we built our house. Only one person at the counter with a line, 2 units on the floor with lots of empty spaces for units. I didn't even really give them a chance.

Last was Maytag. Sales person was a bit "Interesting" but VERY knowledgeable. In fact maybe a bit too knowledgeable. He showed me every level. If he had ask any questions, he would have known that I was only interested in the best. So half an hour later when I wasn't able to interrupt (I know, it was a first). I ask a couple of questions. Installation? Extra, Hoses? Extra, Warranty? Extra, Stands? Extra.....

End of story, I went back to Horizon, bought what I first saw and liked. I guess if I was going to learn any sales lessons from this experience it would be these;

1. Ask questions, invite questions it will get you to the right solution without wasting time.
2. Don't Speed and Feed. IE read the specifications and overwhelm we with facts.
3. Be available. Acknowledge customers. Ignore them and they will leave.
4. Ask every time for the warranty. I stated at the beginning to each sales person that I don't buy extended warranties. But $120 for 5 year warranty on something that costs almost $3000 seemed like too good of a deal to pass up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thanks Jim (Lenovo)

A week or so ago I met our new Lenovo rep. I will be honest, I was a bit concerned. Our previous rep Steve was great. He even had a great name. But, my concerns are now answered.

Taking a step back, I talk to alot (ALOT) of vendor reps. They are always promising answers. When they talk directly to customers they are always promising responses. It is my experience that almost never is there a response.

Back to Jim, he has answered not only every one of Nex-Tech's questions but also every customer question that could not be answered the day he was here. Great job Jim. Look forward to a long, profitable relationship.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TradeHome Shoes

Well over ten years ago when I moved to Hays there was a guy named Jimmy Brew (always liked the name, and he lived up to it). Jimmy ran the TradeHome shoe store in the Mall. I was always amazed that they had some of the best shoe sales people I have ever met. They were either college students or graduates. Most seemed to want a career at the store. I ask Jimmy how he managed to get these people. Was it pay? Benefits? He always said it was recruiting.

Most people who worked there knew someone to get the job. He had a list of people who wanted to work there. Sure, they paid commission, but not an extreme amount. They were always having a good time and the place was packed.

So to this day I shop there. They have only quality shoes and take care of their customers.

Point of the story? Recruit quality people, make it fun and you will succeed in sales.

Believe you me

I have seen a lot of sales people selling a lot of different solutions. One thing stays the same. If you don't believe in what you are selling, it is obvious.

Short tip of the day. Believe in what you sell. If you don't? Don't even try.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

What make you think you can do that?

I had a friend ask me "What make you believe you can do that?" I had never really thought about it. In some way, I took it for granted! Why couldn't I do it?

After thinking about it for a while, I decided the answer was in believing in myself. Simple.

Do you believe in yourself. That you can do whatever you put your mind to? This is a secret in sales.

Before you deliver that proposal. Not worrying if you are the first or the last presenter. You did all the work up front, prepared the right solution, set the expectations right. Aligned all the correct parties involved. If you believe in your abilities, execute you will win more that not.