Friday, August 12, 2011

Final day at HTG

So final day was on the road a 6am and to Tennessee. The culture did not disappoint (That's all I have to say about that) We went down the Ocoee River. This river is known for where the Atlanta Olympics had their Kayak course. We went right through that section.

This rafting course was the most difficult of all three times I have went rafting. The difficulty was up to class V and I definitely saw several people exit the boat prematurely! I however was not one of them. The rafting company was very good ( what an appropriate name for a bunch of IT guys.

Later that evening I finally had my chance go get those famous Outback cheese fries. (In which someone pointed out were number one on the most calories packed into a single tray)

Early to bed. I was wore out! What a great trip with the HTG crew.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 3 (On Delay)

We finished up the HTG meeting with great content and energy. Afterwards we went to dinner at a local Mexican resteraunt and then went and played Whirlyball We had an absoluet blast!

Tomorrow we head to rafting! 5 a.m. will come early!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HTG Day 2 (On delay)

A great start to our meetings yesterday. We did discuss the moves to new groups and the formation of something new. While there are many concerns, I believe everyone understands the need to form the next piece of HTG.

We discussed sinking boats (You do not take a 18 foot boat on the ocean without enough gas, Dylan informed us on the details) to rising revenues and even many assumptions and how they influence our communications.

A great dinner and a reasonably early night to bed (11:00) I just could not stay up and listen to the Larks game. Found out they lost 2-0.

Monday, August 8, 2011

HTG Day 1 (On Delay)

A great day yesterday. Rebbecca put on a great sales meeting. From presenting the numbers to marketing presentations and Great America Leasing. I always learn quite a bit from observing others doing their thing.

Like yesterday, out to dinner, 20 minute break then out to dinner with those who arrived late.

I finished the start of HTG meetings late last night and then stared at the alarm clock till at least 2:30am. So I am up with 4 hours of inconsistent sleep. I feel for those from West Coast who have to get up at 3:30 (Their time)

Off to HTG Peer Meetings!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

HTG Day 0 (On Delay)

Headed out to Atlanta. Everyone is referring to the heat and how bad it will be. However it shows to be 10 degrees less than home!

This should be an interesting meeting with this being the last meeting with the same members. We will be breaking the group up and forming a couple new groups. This will really make Q4 especially interesting.

Did Fly Hays today. (PS and the flight was on time. They were working especially fast, they didnt even shut down the engine on the opposite side of the door. So load and go. The way it should be. My flight out of Denver was about 20 minutes late, however they made up time in the air.

Brian from UTG picked me up (Thanks Brian) He commented how traffic was not bad. Wow is that one man's perspective! Wow, cars everywhere. I would agree that Atlanta is the worst traffic of everywhere I have been.

Great dinner at BoneFish some great seafood that you cannot get in KS.

Off to an early meeting (and time change) I will get a chance to see Rebecca (UTG) at her sales meeting.