Monday, March 19, 2012

Customer Service (Only one chance to get it right!)

Went to pickup some paint at a locally owned store today. Jenifer had taken in what we needed earlier in the day so all I needed to pick up the order. I went directly to the paint department and some guy behind the counter ask what I needed (In almost that tone) and took off to the front without a word to me. He returned a few minutes later and took my paint to the front without a word.

Just a few words would have turned this from a poor experience to a positive one. Simple acknowledgement would have been nice.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

After 3 birthdays he is 6

I think Carsen had three birthdays in the last week. It all started last Saturday with his family party. Then we had to celebrate the actual day of his birthday which was Thursday the 15th. Then we finished today with his friend party. 9 kids running round. I have to admit they were all very good.

His birthday worked out great to be in front of spring break. He will have lots of Lego's to put together and many toys to break in.