Saturday, June 16, 2012

Every house needs this!

USB ports on your outlets to power your phone, iPad or other electronic devices. I installed my first and have to say it was easy and now I need a couple more.

Jenifer was less than impressed but sure makes charging easier. Now a couple for the boys.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't over think it.

OK Do.

Just kidding.

One thing I guarantee is that I have never been accused of doing is over thinking things. I have been pretty good at gathering facts, analyzing them then acting without remorse. Recently it seems that I have seen quite a lot of people in business gathering facts looking then starting over and the end result is, well, nothing! A bad decision may have been better than no decision.

Lets face it, in today's information world, information overload is pretty easy. Facts and figures, people's opinion and noise are everywhere. Moving forward it is probably more important to be able to sort through information and identify key parts is crucial.

It is everywhere. We booked a vacation to Disney World and the amount of decisions were mind boggling. Which resort to stay, meal plans, ticket options, flights even which airport to use. I think you could get a masters in Disney!

Sometimes the Nike slogan is the best "Just Do It"