Friday, October 11, 2019

Has technology innovation finally slowed?

First time possibly since I have had a cell phone that I went three years before upgrading. I went from a iPhone 7 (The big screen one) to a 11 Pro Max. Did the upgrade last night and didn't take long. You might ask what changes did I notice?

1. Sure, the screen goes to the edge (Or closer)
2. Face recognition versus the button on the bottom with finger print
3. Wireless charging

Yep, I think that is it.

I do know the screen resolution is better
No doubt the processor is dramatically faster (But hard to notice)
Sure more storage

As a geek I used to be on the cutting edge of new devices and couldn't wait. Is it me, have I just grown old or is the innovation just slowed...

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Keeping Positive

I believe that most days I am a positive person however I do have those days where you start with something negative and I pick up that mood. I have heard that you remember something negative that happens to you 10x more than a positive thing. If you think back you can probably remember a broken arm more than when you got married?

So how do you stay positive during the negative days? Something I am going to try is to take a deep breath and focus my thoughts on the positive. If nothing else, I will try this and modify as needed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Pursuit of Perfection

I believe that those in pursuit of perfection have the best interests however I know many times it hinders real progress.

How do you know what perfection looks like unless you first have many revisions that are less than perfect?

Worst case I see is people not moving anything forward instead they simply keep redoing the project. I know I have made the comparison of business to mowing the lawn. In this case I believe it is a perfect comparison. There is no such thing as the perfect lawn. It may find times that are closer to perfection than others. The rocks get in the yard, when you finish mowing I am sure there are blades of grass that are not perfectly cut!

My assessment is sometimes good enough is what is required.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Your first job?

Caden took his first job at the local grocery store this summer and I have been really proud of him and how he has been responsible, had so many people comment to me about how he is so friendly and outgoing and he has quickly learned other departments in the store. This has been a great experience for him and he has really started to understand the value of money (Saving and such)

I was trying to remember my first job which was at a grocery store that is no longer in business. The first real issue is the fact it was over 30 years ago. Talk about making me feel old! Most of what I can remember was how time stood still. You would think you had been working for 4 hours and it was 4 minutes! Yet so many other things this early work experience taught me.

Customer Service
Patience (OK Could still use more of that)
What good and bad management looked like
Treating people well
How little things make a big difference
Money, Money, Money - Managing personally, corporate profit management and more.

Definitely a great experience and in retrospect I would not change any of it.