Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did the Microsoft Virtual Sales Presentation Yesterday

Was a unique experience. I think it went well and when they publish it for replay I will post the link.

As usual, Jonathan from Marco was great and we work well together. We has around 50 attendees. We posted a few questions to get a feel for our audience and only about 10 or so would vote. Why if you are going to attend such an event would you not vote?

I will have to do this again in the future. It is definitely an expanding experience!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The quickest way to repel a customer.

Is not to return their call. I have heard some say that they let people wait so that they "Look Busy" or they just do not return calls till the second or third attempt.

It is my opinion that those "People" have their ego in place of good decision making. Not returning calls is rude, inconsiderate and stupid. Really no matter who the person is.

If you have left me a message recently you would hear my 24 hour guarantee. That is to call anyone back within 24 hours of when they leave me a message. To be honest it has caused me some trouble. I forget to change the message when I go on vacation and have to call some people back when I am on vacation. That is ok. Those people really respect that.

Not returning customers calls specifically lets them know that they are not important enough for you to return the call. They will find someone who does find them important enough...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going to have to figure out the Plaxo thing?

So I actively keep up Linked in, A little Facebook and have an Plaxo account. I recently logged in (And actually remembered the Password) to accept quite a few people as contacts. The thing is I do not understand the difference between that and Linked in. Do I really want to use both? Not really.

It has been my view that Linked in is the leader in business connections. However I do not want left in the dark. Decisions, Decisions. For now I will continue to accept invites and other wise pretty much ignore the rest.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Shark Tank!

I have been watching the Shark Tank ( and am continually amazed what people believe their companies are worth. One example was a company that does $200k in revenue with $75k in profit (I assume that the "Sharks" have access to the real financials of the deal because there is so many ways to cut this such as is the owners salary in there, cost of goods, advertising and such? What is the EBITA (

Anyway the above example was wanting $350k for 15% of their company. If you calculate that out they value their company at over $2million. However they have only sold $200k (TOTAL). Even the best valuation (If that revenue was recurring) would be $1million and that would be extremely (Extremely) high.

I understand that people have high emotions tied to companies they start. However, reality is I would sell a business selling $200k with $75k in margin (if that is real) for over $2 million IN A HEARTBEAT.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work home separation?

Does it exist anymore? In the world of technology I would say no. With email now on the cell phone and people sending calendar invites on the weekend, responding 24X7 and business now going world wide it is almost impossible to not plug in when you can just to keep up.

I believe that the good in this is that we no longer have to go to the office to make this happen. To keep up in the past meant you had to get your physical mail, messages left on post it notes and messages in the same way. Now it is all digital so it can be virtual.

It is getting faster not slower. If your not picking up the pace you will be passed by and you will be the last one to know it.