Monday, November 1, 2010

I had someone tell me that advertising does not work!

Interesting statement coming from someone who was wearing the Nike Tennis Shoes, Nike Shirt and Nike watch! OK to be honest, I did not make that statement to them, it was not worth my time. Nike is an advertisement. Just do it "Right"

The next time you think that advertising does not work, just watch my kids ask for things they saw in school, tv or other. They are definitely easily influenced.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Santa

I was thinking that Santa would be a good costume for Halloween!

Anyways, we took the boys trick or treating to a dozen or a little more places and they came home with enough candy to last till next October! So little Blue Power Ranger and Little Indiana Jones will be wired for a week or so!

I have noticed a LOT of Christmas targeted sales this week. Decorations started going up a couple of weeks ago. Now Santa could not trick or treat even if he wanted, he is too busy getting ready for the season.

**Cousin Parker pictured with the boys.

The big party

So we had the friend party then the family party this weekend. Caden and all had a blast!

I think he received all the Halo Lego sets. Great in theory, however, I can only put together so many sets in one weekend. Who is this challenge for? Me or Him?

Next is Jenny's birthday on Tuesday. She does not get a friend party.