Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you making rules to regulate Honesty?

In another way of saying it, are you detailing everything for those around you so they will not do things dishonest? Think about it. You might spend more time trying to regulate this than simply saying be honest. If your not honest your out!

This starts at the most basic level. From taking accounts to claiming things that are not yours (Sales and such) Do you know what that is called? Stealing.

If my 5 year old would understand that it is wrong, than you should not have to write it in a policy.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Even Jenifer wants it now?

Jenifer is not real tech friendly. However after seeing what can be done with the Android she even wants one! I am not sure if this is something I want. She will be able to live on Facebook and I will add another gadget to the Riat household that I will have to train on and support.

While talking about Android, I upgraded my Desire to 2.2 and it is great. A few interface changes, WiFi Hotspot and best yet the ability to move applications to the storage card. Much needed. Due to the amout of email I get along with the number of contacts I pretty much had no applications installed due to no memory. That is fixed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I read the terms and conditions


You know the pop ups that come with pretty much everything. Recently I did updates on the iPad and was notified to proceed I had to reaccept iTunes terms and conditions. It is 41 pages. Nsure I read that like everyone else did. It probably make me give my first born.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A new mouth to feed at the Riat House

We have taken in a Lark over the summer. No, not the bird, the baseball player. It has been a good experience so far.

Jose Gomez is our player this year. He is from Arizona. After getting over the shock of being is a "Small" town he has acclimated very well. From Arizona to Hays it is actually cooler (Barely)

Pepe (Jose) pitched his first game last night and broke his own personal best of 93 Mph fastball. Since all I can muster is less than half of this, I find this amazing.

Pepe has done really well with the boys and they are into the whole experience of baseball. I think they have collected a half dozen signatures on their hats so far.