Monday, April 1, 2013

I kept my hair, teeth and wife (Not in order of importance)

I am 40 today. The official age that I have pretty much thought was old most of my life (Amazing how that perspective changes) It is really half time (Hopefully not quite) and lets face it I played a sloppy first half.

So I figure I should summarize a few things that I know. First of all the things that I have learned. That is simple. The more I learn the less I know. I remember how much I was sure of in my teens. I knew what I wanted to do, how I wanted life to go and what success would look like at 40. Yep,all wrong. Totally changed what I wanted to do (And you may be confused on what I do exactly, but ask me (It is NOT sales), I was going to be single and rich (got both wrong) and success was measured by stuff. Wrong again. Success is now measured by the family, not by the individual. (Work and home)

I have always loved technology. I had visions of what the technology would be able to do and how cool it would be. In many ways it is just starting to happen? And of course it has surpassed my expectations in some ways also. Who would of thought that you could have the sum of all human knowledge in your pocket? (Smart Phone) The next 40 years could be OUTSTANDING. One thing I can guarantee is that I will be working with that. My thirst to learn this new stuff and functions of it is as strong as ever. I hear people as they get older wanting to reduce the things you have to know (Rich) and this is confusing to me. How boring. Bring it on.

Some things disappoint. The car. Why hasn't technology kept up there? I can think of dozens of ways that vehicles could be way better with technology. OK sure, they get better gas mileage. Yet no real electric alternatives or alternative fuel cars. Bummer. At least they get more and more HP out of them.

Last the family. I can't imagine not having a loving wife and the boys who bring so much joy. Teaching them (And sometimes Jenifer) the ways of the world and how to do new things. They bring out the best in me and hopefully I bring out the best in them. I see so many of my traits in them (Most of them good) So much more I could say here. I can't wait for the next 40 to travel and explore.

Last, I think I spent the first 40 years trying to become more and more mature (Surprise, I was less mature. I have decided that I will spend the next 40 becoming less mature and having more fun. I have decided that I am going to start with my birthday dinner. (Jenifer has a thing that you get to choose where to eat on your birthday) So tonight I am going to a restaurant with rules. You can only eat appetizers and deserts. (Because I can) Heck, I may start with the desert.

Well, lets have some fun...