Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yea, I have been slacking

I find it much harder to blog during the summer. The sun is up earlier, it is nice in the evening and on.

I have been working on my BHAG. So you say, what is a BHAG? See

Anyway, I am struggling with this a bit. Things I have considered?

Retire early? Why.

Be a Millionaire? That is an end result! Not really a goal. (Besides, is a Million really enough these days?

Things I am considering?

Run an international sales team? Is the international important?

Develop a replicapable sales process? Again, developing a process is not really a Audacious goal. Maybe develop and deploy over 1000 times? Eh...

How about connect 1000 people? Kinda difficult to measure. Anyway it is kinda an end result.

To be honest these all seem weak. Not to worry, I will come up with somthing? I will post it when I get there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Survivor Teaches a Lesson

You can be the best player (The A Player) however if you leave a large wake of destruction behind you, you are still not the best. (You are a B Player maybe even a C)

Remember every thing you do is like physics. IE Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Keep the negative reactions to a minimum.