Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dear Car Companies "WHY"

I have this 1997 Ford Explorer in the garage that has a feature that many new cars do not have and I want to know why?

So we also have a 2015 Chevy Tahoe and it has that new key fob that is wireless so you don't put a key in the ignition (Or the door). However (I know I am from KS) but the ability to get into the car without the fob is great!. Or to lock the key in the car and use your code to get in. Hey, I have a computer that I use a key to get into and it protects information worth 100 times more than that car?

When I was a lake person, I used to love this feature because I could lock the keys in the car and not worry about dropping them in the lake.

So what are the draw backs to this system. Well, I guess someone could break the window and get the keys and drive off. However I would like to think that I am good at hiding the key not just in the visor? OK fine that is the drawback. How about a locking console where you put the key and it is opened with the code at the same time as the door?

It looks like Ford has the lock on this type of lock? (Pun intended)

So lets take this a step further. How about if you are so paranoid than you have finger print id with a code? Heck that would have better security than my iPhone (Or any thing else for that matter)

Since I have that out of my system how about a feature on my 1984 Corvette that cars need. To open the rear hatch you can use;
*Button on edge of drivers door
*Button on edge of passenger door
*Button in console
Simplicity and you can get to open that hatch from anywhere. Hey it is just a button. (Sure the new cars have a FOB to do that too) But I like the ease of this.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Anki & Over Drive has CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Santa delivered Anki Overdrive and many accessories. First of all you have to remember I am a tech guy and it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to technology. Anki has done this absolutely right. SUPER easy to set up (Like 5 to 10 minutes from opening box to racing)

The game play (Yes I call it game play) is interactive and fun. It is like a video game with real cars! I would personally state it is like augmented reality. You have the real cars and virtual interaction with them. How the cars know where they are, how quickly they interact, how great the app is and how flawless the interaction is really is unbelievable.

Carsen (Now 9) Loves Anki Overdrive! Competitive and requires thinking to win!

Now after we opened the package we identified that only 3 of the four cars would charge. I sent an email to support and received a response quickly from Nuno at Anki. He is an Anki Brand Ambassador. Love that title by the way. Now to be honest I have dealt with lots of people (Especially in technology) and very, very few live up to expectation none the less exceed my expectation. Well after giving the needed information to Nuno he said he would ship out a replacement part (Yes I have to ship the defective unit back) What I didn't expect was it would be at the house in less than 24 hours!

I have a prepaid UPS shipping label to send the defective part back and now all is well.

Like Anki's motto