Friday, July 24, 2009

A great day of Sales Learning

So we discussed everything from hiring to marketing. It is amazing how getting together with others in IT field.

I think the biggest take away was that sales people do not need to be IT specialists. Rather they need to be business consultants that speak to business owners about busines solutions.

Spending a little time with HTG 15

Drove to Denver yesterday. Was a pretty quick trip. Couple of hours on the phone and the rest getting caught up with the world with CNN. Listened to the HTG Members business update. There is a parallel between their updates and my own HTG 3 group in the problems and triumphs of business.

Anyway had a great dinner with that group at Once again, I will bring back pictures to Caden and Carsen (My boys) and they will probably give stories of where dad was and nobody will believe them. There were teepee's (SP) and cannons and more. So if your keeping track, in the last year, I have seen the Simpson's, Who Ville, Jaws, and much more. The stories that Caden will tell in first grade should be interesting.

As always it is great to sit in a room of entrepreneurs and feed off their energy. Listening to plans of the future, the struggles of cash flow and just hearing stories of the Deli line.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Calling them back

I have made a commitment in the last couple of months to call everyone back that leaves me a message. Initially I thought this was a mistake. It can be up to 5 telemarketers a day.

You cannot believe the surprise of these people when they get a call back. It throws them off their game. Recently, Logitech was one of those calls back. After realizing who I was and why I was calling back, he had no game plan. No partner program in specific and was just reaching out. After working out some details we have come up with a win win for both of us. You never realize where the next opportunity comes from.

A couple of years ago I received a call from a company called Lightspeed. (Feel free to try and GOOGLE that name. Every company founded in the last couple of years is called that) Anyway I ignored their call. One of the reps suggested that we do business with them. Now we have sold more than a half million dollars in their product, that was a great call. If I would have paid attention to the call, we could have started that partnership earlier.

How many opportunities are we too busy for, ignore or simply do not realize. It probably happens more than we know.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vince with the Slap Chop and ShamWow!

I agree with the commenter. Vince is just the newcomer to the game of "As seen on TV" With the passing of Billy Mays, Vince is now the most recognized face of the group.

Besides, ShamWow is better named, has a better demo and and more all around purpose than the Oxyclean ever was.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Confidence versus Cocky

Have you met people who were cocky? They can be some of the most obnoxious people ever. Yet you want to be confident. Where is that balance?

In my experience the confidence is in things you know. The cocky comes when people are confident and either wrong or have no experience in the area. It is difficult to know when you know enough to be confident (There are always people who know more than you do, and you do not know what you do not know).

There is the opposite when you have people who should be confident and do not share their skills or knowledge. So I guess it comes down to balance and sum of your experiences.