Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Three year , six year warranty and the 2 year one year warranty.

Like usual it seems like everything is breaking. First Jenifer gets her car hailed on then it's battery dies. I checked the battery and it had a 6 year battery. Great, car is only 4 years old so at least some portion of the cost should be covered. Wrong. Because it was installed when the car was new it is only covered by the 36 month manufacture warranty. (Yea, that is logical) So paid full price.

Then my power washer stopped pumping at high pressure. It was a little over 1 year old so great, it had a 2 year warranty. Wrong. It has a 1 year pump warranty (The part that went bad) and a 2 year engine warranty. (Only can find that if you check the VERY fine details)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bat Boy and Robin

OK there is no Robin in this story, just Bat Boy Carsen.

He had an absolute blast. It is all he can talk about this week. Not only was it good for him to stretch to new roles but also to take responsibility. He learned that when the umpire showed him fingers between innings he was to deliver that number of balls, after each hit to get the bat and guards, and of course he had to pay attention the whole game.

Afterwards the Larks players played around with him. Playing catch, allowing him to pitch to the catcher and more. I am sure this will be one of those moments he remembers forever.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fly In

As you can see, it all started early. In fact even earlier than this, before the sun came up. It was in the upper 40's to get started which is a bit cool, however it was perfect wind wise which does not happen much. There were many cool planes that came in;

I believe that Caden's favorite was the military display

The helicopter rides were definitely a hit!

The remote control planes were definitely interesting. They go much faster than I thought was possible!

There were reenactments, Amelia came back to Kansas!

One of my favorite planes came later in the day.

No way am I going up in one of those.

There was definitely a crowd.

Everyone had a great time.